Posted by: bosteen | July 30, 2008

An Idea

While talking to a friend and thinking about a comment someone left me, I came up with an idea for the blog.  I am willing to try this and don’t know if it would be a permanent thing or how often it would occur.  The idea is to have someone submit 3 to 6 questions to me to answer.

As it stands, I get on messenger and there is someone that has a lot of questions to ask me.  They want to know about my younger days, preferences, etc… .  This would be a way of getting those questions answered and limit the number of repeat questions.  It would also satiate your curiosity.

The Rules:  There are no questions to reveal my identity, I like to keep that secret because a blog like this could affect my future.  No questions about the names of my toys.  If I don’t want to answer a question, I will tell you why I don’t want to answer.  I will tell you a couple questions I won’t answer right now:  the number of people, color/ethnicity of the people, being paid or offers to pay for sex.  Consider this “Interview Slut X”.  These are the rules I can think.  I am sure some questions will add to them at some point but otherwise it is open season.

Slut X


  1. How about these:

    1. How old were you when you had your first orgasm?

    2. Please describe the circumstances of your first orgasm and what brought it about.

    3. Please describe a few of your hottest current fantasies.

    4. Please describe the hottest sexual encounter you’ve ever had (feel free to describe several if it’s hard to choose one!).

    5. Please describe the best lover you’ve ever had, especially what made that person the best.

    6. For some situations that you feel are typical, when you meet someone new, what happens that leads you to decide to have sex with them?

  2. Why not just take one or two questions from everyone periodically? That’s something that my wife and I used to do from time to time. IIRC we did it once a month or so. If you take three to six won’t that cause a big backlog of interviewers?

    I don’t think it will, I find people go in spurts with questions. There is a point where I get asked a ton, then there are times I get no questions.

  3. When did you discover your need to write?
    Do you think a woman looks better dressed or undressed?
    Has your sex life gotten better since you started writing an erotic blog?
    panties, thongs or……….?

  4. Tell us about your first time with another girl, when you first knew you were interested in girls too, or your first time with multiple partners!



  5. I’ll start it off one more time:

    1. What are your thoughts about sex without love being a form of exercise and pleasure?

    2. I know you find fulfillment through sex, but what makes it lasting for you?

    3. When you do find your love (maybe you found that person) will you trend toward an open relationship?

    These are just to start it off. Probably boring, but I just find myself eroticized by your writings that I “take it out” on my wife 🙂

  6. Okay, this is a weird one, but it’s been bugging me ever since you changed your header.

    So, the picture at the top of your blog – that’s you leaning back, right? So is that your leg kicking up and are you wearing a reddish striped skirt, or is that something else? And I can’t tell what the other girls are doing. It’s almost like they’re twisting you or something.

    Basically my question is . . . “What the fuck is going on in that picture?”

  7. I think it might have been my comment that spawned this questions thing? Here’s my initial questions;

    1. Can you describe your thoughts and feelings (both before and after) the first time you had sex just to get laid and get off (i.e. not because you were in love, wanted to please a bf, etc)?

    2. (a 4 part question). How old were u when u first realized you could probably seduce just about any guy you wanted? What experiences led you to that realization? Did that realizaton give you a sense of power and hyper-boost your confidence and/or already sizeable libido? Does it still?

    3. Describe the last time you got turned down by a new guy. How did you feel afterwards? Did you end up fucking someone else?

    That’s plenty for now, and plenty more where that came from. Your unique outlook on sex continues to fascinate.

  8. Not a sox fan, really? Orioles or Nationals then?
    For cheesy bars: Lansdowne street or Faneuil Hall?
    Is Corporate Slut real or an advertisement?

  9. All I’d ask, is why are you coy about numbers and ethnicity?

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