Posted by: bosteen | July 27, 2008

The Beach Life

I am back from my unexpected vacation.  I requested this past week off of work for the purpose of relaxing before school starts.  My goal was to sleep in and do whatever I wanted in the city of Boston.  Monday comes and I decide to call my dad at work so we could meet up for lunch.  It has been a long time since my dad and myself sat down and had lunch.  We were talking over lunch and he asked me how things were going.  I told him about work and taking off this week for a break.  He follows up with, “Are you going anywhere?”  I tell him no because of how much everything is and not really having the money.  Lunch ends and I go about my day.

About four in the afternoon that day, my dad calls and tells me to back a suitcase because he bought me a ticket for Miami.  I call him a liar because I don’t think he did it.  He tells me there is an e-ticket for Tuesday evening.  I only have to pack and go.  It was at this point I realized he was telling me the truth.  I thanked him profusely and he continues to tell me where he booked a hotel for me.  The only thing I have to pay for is food and whatever else I want to do.  I have a friend, female not a guy I fuck, that lives down in Florida so I tell her to meet me at the hotel, I didn’t want to be there alone.

This is how my week started almost 7 days ago.  I got home late last night, some of you know this because I logged on to check my mail.  I have one of the best dads.  It isn’t because he gives me things.  He expects me to work and earn things.  He recognizes when someone needs a break from their life for a couple days.  This is what he did for me.  I will be back later today or tomorrow with events from my unexpected vacation.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I hope that you had a good time in Miami. Unfortunately for me, I’m Dad, and my kids don’t consider it a vacation unless I’m off too. (I wonder how long that sentiment will last after our son starts college in the fall.) Hopefully you have a good story or two to tell.

  2. Would your dad be willing to adopt a new son? I’ll promise to be a good boy!

  3. I’m a Dad and I don’t blame him for keeping his eye on his baby girl. I will until the day I die.

    I just hope he doesn’t read your blog. 🙂

    I live in Boston, and it drives me up a wall knowing that you live near me.

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