Posted by: bosteen | July 19, 2008

Are you stalking me?

On Friday, I came home from work, checked my e-mail, chatted with some people online and headed off to the gym.  I usually don’t pay attention to other people in the gym.  I am there to work out and go home.  However, Friday was a bit different.  There was a god of a man at the gym who I never saw before.  The super lust part of my body kicked in gear so my gym visit was extended so I could work out near him and find a reason to talk to him. I finally got an extended time to chat with him when I went to the treadmill.  I found out he was new to Boston, single and had some friends that lived in the city.  I asked where he has gone out and found out where he would be that night.  I made my mental note.  When I left, I said “Maybe we will run into each other again.”  I knew we were because I was going to the same place that night.

I dressed that night with trying to seduce him in mind.  The girls, my tits for the slow people, were proudly displayed followed with some nice heels and a short skirt.  My friend comment on my outfit when I arrived at her house.  It was along the lines of “who are you trying to impress?”  I told her about the guy at the gym, there was a look in her eye where she thought I was crazy or delerious at the gym.  She had a different look when she saw him at the club.  I made sure to say hello and make some conversation with him.  He asked me “Are you stalking me?”  I told it was a coincidence that my friend and I were at the same place that night.  I suggested that we should dance later and he gave the best response ever, “Definitely.”  It is the best response because it sounds like there is no way he is leaving that place without dancing with me, far better than a yes.

I went back with my friends, we got some drinks, sat down and had a good time.  There were guys that came over to us.  They flirted asked me to dance.  I danced with a couple of them, only to notice the guy look at me while I danced.  I was sitting down after dancing when he approached me  and asked me to dance.  I very happily accepted.  I made sure to rub my ass up against his crotch while we danced.  We danced close to each other, the sexual sparks were going between us.  Judging by his pants, he was more than ready to go for a lot more than a dance.  After three or four songs, he offered to get me a drink.  I went back with my friends and he joined us with the drinks.  He sat down next to me which turned into me sitting on his lap when some of his friends came to join him.  I liked this much better because it gave the chance to feel his hard cock up against my ass and for me to tease him even more.  I would go into “whisper” in his ear and it would turn into me kissing his neck or sucking on his ear lobe.  My hand would manage to find its way down to his cock and rub it through his pants.  My flirting was going full throttle but he really turned me on sexually, so why not.  It came to the point of the night when a friend of mine and myself had to leave.  We had to work the next morning, so we needed some sleep.  Gym Guy and me exchanged numbers and a hot kiss.

(I started this on Monday but kept getting interrupted while writing.  I am finishing it today, Saturday.)

I masturbated that night and the morning after thinking about him.  My morning of work got turned into a night of work thanks to a voice mail from my boss.  Part of me didn’t mind because I was still so freaking tired.  The other part of me was pissed because I could of spent more time at the club.  It is my fault because I should of checked my voice mail that night, she did give me plenty of notice.  I went back to sleep.  I took some clothes to change into after work so I could meet up with my friends.  The biggest smile formed on my face when I saw Gym Guy there.

His friends and mine were sitting in the same area.  This time I walked up to him and said, “Are you stalking me?”  He laughed and offered to buy me a drink.  We all had a good time laughing, drinking and just basically having a great time.  Gym Guy didn’t have to twist my arm to get me dancing.  In fact, we spent a lot of time dancing.  It was our form of sexual foreplay.  Like the previous night, I made sure to get close and rub up against him.  I could feel his rock hard cock against me.  I was so wet, I didn’t need to check because I could feel my panties cling to me.  I don’t know what happened to make me look at my watch but I did.  I had to work the next morning so if I was going to do anything, it better be happening fast.  A plan formed in my head pretty fast.

I grabbed him by the hand and we went to the dance floor.  This was the last bit of foreplay for us that night.  By the time the song was finished, his cock was so hard and noticeable through his pants.  I knew I did my job correctly.  With his hand in mine, I led us towards the bathrooms.  He asked where we were going but he caught on quick.  I know its cliche to do the club bathroom hook up.  We found a stall in the men’s room and locked the door.  My hands were grabbing at his pants, undoing the buttons to his pants.  His were pulling up the skirt I was wearing.  Everything started to go so fast.  Before I knew it, I was picked up, back against the wall, legs wrapped around his waist.  He was driving deep and hard into me.  The only noise escaping my mouth was grunts as he punished me.  He was taking out all the sexual frustration I cause on my pussy.  Each thrust felt so good.  He thrust so hard at one point that the girls started to come out of my bra.  It did not take me long to orgasm with him.  I has so much excitement that it was overloading my senses.  When I had my orgasm it was a really wet one.  I could smell it and hear the difference in the wetness after.  He continued until he finished.  I removed his condom, threw it in the toilet then licked his cock.  His cum tasted so good on my tongue.  We went back out to our friends and I went home alone that night.  However, I had a wonderful time.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. You like sex in the mens room don’t you. Maybee you should try the womens.really hot story though.
    Women don’t like men in the ladies room. Men don’t really complain about that sort of thing.

  2. I actually know people (both men and women) who work out twice. They go to the gym once for a real workout, and a second time (or perhaps to another gym) to profile for the opposite sex.

    I’ve seen men complain bout women in the men’s room just because they were jealous. Then, after she/they got thrown out, follow them outside just to watch if things continued in the parking lot.

  3. Definitely better to pick the men’s room. We’re all for a couple having sex. Women are a tad bit more jealous;-) Hot story. Now let’s hope he doesn’t stalk you at the gym…or even better you guys find a place to fuck there.

  4. Yowza! My kinda story!

    Personally, I got no complaints if that goes on in the men’s room. Well . . . it might be a little hypocritical if I did . . .

  5. Wow. That was a great story. Thank you.

  6. “It was our form of sexual foreplay.”

    No offense, but isn’t that a little redundant to say? I mean, isn’t that *everyone’s* form of sexual foreplay and pretty much what dancing is all about? Especially the bump and grind club dancing.

    Which reminds me of the cliche “Oh, look how he dances! He -must- be really good in bed!” And while I think this is kinda true for guys, it’s not as true for girls–since all girls have the ‘dance gene’ built in, a lot of them ‘talk the talk’ on the dance floor, but don’t necessarily ‘walk the walk’ in bed. Just sayin’….

    You assume way too much about people. Not everyone dances. There are plenty of different ways to build the sexual tension. It depends on the personalities of the people.

  7. Uber hot story, which nearly goes without saying if it involves you. Were you hoping for an audience in the men’s room? I just can’t believe he didn’t fuck you after the first night with you on his lap sucking on his earlobes and playing with his cock in the booth.

    I am continually fascinated by your seemingly healthy attitude towards casual sex. It’s so… male. I have been wishing for a hot slut like you to come along my whole life… seems so many of the women I’ve met over the years who have ravenous sexual appetites are largely driven by insecurity. You seem to be the rare exception… gorgeous, incredible body, confidence to spare, obviously love to get strange dick… as you’ve said, it must be your military brat history. Someday when you’re between bloggable adventures and have the time, we’d love to hear more abut your early sexual awakenings and development… I.E. specific situations you recall that help explain how you came to be who you so proudly are… so we can all spot sluts like you on our own lol!

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