Posted by: bosteen | July 14, 2008


More than a few have asked what my answers are to the last post.  Some have asked about why I even thought about it.

The inspiration was brought about by someone saying “I would like to die fucking.”  I have heard this many times, even thought it time to time.  The whole idea of leaving this world with a smile on my face and a good time.  It sounds so appealing, much better than being a cancer patient suffering with horrible pain.  Admit it!  You also thought at one point or another about wanting to die while having sex.  The only difference you never thought it out to completion.  You never thought about how it would effect you mentally or if you were the person to die, would you want the other person to finish.  We all have weird thoughts but we never complete them because they raise even weirder questions.  I finished the train of thought.

I would like to think, I would stop then and there.  I think someone dying while I fucked them would screw me up mentally and make sex unappealing to me for a while.  However, I put the stipulation in there that you are two seconds from orgasm.  I think it makes the decision a little bit harder.  Why?  Two seconds is not a long period of time.  It isn’t like you are going five minutes without trying to save the person’s life.  The situation isn’t that you work in a funeral parlor and you like to fool around with the dead people.  It is still a warm body, technically.  I think it ultimately depends on the positions.  If i am on the bottom and the person collapses on me, I am not doing anything else.  It may be different if I am on top.  I wouldn’t have the, pardon the pun, dead weight on me.  I am going to hell with that last sentence.  I don’t even know if a guy would stay hard after they died or how fast the erection would go away.  It would be easier for a guy to keep going in my opinion. In the end, it would fuck up my sex desire for a long time if it happened to me.  The answer to the last question.  The guy is close to orgasm, go the other two seconds then try to save me.

The question is interesting because it is telling about a person.  It gets to the nature of what kind of person you are.  If you are stopping, it tells me that you are more concerned about others than yourself.  If you keep going, it says you are more concerned about yourself.  What you thought was a weird, sick, morbid question is really telling to the person you are. I will be back later tonight to post a story about my weekend.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I like your reasoning, especially the “on top” factor! Hopefully we’ll never find out if any of us were right!

  2. My friend’s fiance died from an apparent anurysm (sp) during sex at the age of 42. Her kids were screwed up after that. One was afraid to got to sleep at night because he thought he wouldn’t wake up either.

    Dating other men has been terrible for her these last 7 years because of that and her psycho kids.

    I would love to die during sex, but let’s think about the other lover and their children. What about my children? Being teens, they’d be sad, but a smirk too after the sadness wore off.

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