Posted by: bosteen | July 12, 2008

Morbid question

While talking to someone last night, a question popped in my head.  You need to imagine yourself in bed having a really good fuck.  You are both into it, you are about to orgasm, and you noticed your partner is all of a sudden quiet.  Your partner is dead but you are like two seconds from an orgasm.  Do you finish?

Why do I ask such a question?  Many people say “I want to go out of this world while having sex”.  My first thought was what if someone died while I was having sex with them.  Would it completely freak me out and turn me off to sex?  The next thought was if I died, would I want the person to finish.  I am weird.

Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. 2 seconds? Yeah, I’d finish, and the way the story would be told to everyone for the rest of my life is that I didn’t realize it until afterwards, but yeah I’d finish if I was only a few seconds away, I mean you’re obviously not hurting anybody (lol, only other person there is dead, can’t quite do anything worse than that to them, now can you? 😀 ).

    If it was me, I’d definitely want the girl to finish, because that way my final deed in this world would be making someone feel really good by giving them a nice orgasm, I think that would be awesome 😀 (I’m making a joke out of this, but I really do mean it–yeah, I’d want’em to finish).

    How about you, slut?


  2. I would not finish. Weather it was my significant other or a serendipitous hookup. You can always have great sex with someone else later. I don’t think it’s creepy. I would just be concerned that they might not be dead but unconscious and I might be able to help therm. If someone was breathing a moment ago, they might be reviveable and I’d owe it to them to at least try. And being a guy, I think the equipment wouldn’t work if I was dead so I doubt if anyone could continue.

  3. There’s no way I’d be able to finish—I’d be too freaked out if he was really dead. Of course there’s a fine line between dead and unconscious, so maybe I’d assume unconscious until I knew otherwise… ?

  4. yes, i have to agree with you …. you are weird …:)

    first you wonder if you can separate between love and sex,
    next you ask if you can separate between the living and the dead …. i wonder what is next.

    and to your answer, if you know the person is dead then i ask you, does it matter how long he is dead? what if it was 5 min later?

    such a strange question. its almost like the 5 second role about food. you can eat from the floor if its only touched it for less then 5 second.

    if you easy at following the role, i guess you will be OK with few more second on a dead body.

  5. well yeah i’d finish
    of course
    that was an easy one.

  6. I think discovering my partner was dead would kill my erection in well under 2 seconds.

    But maybe I could just pretend she was this girl I dated in college who might as well have been dead for all the lack of movement she provided when we had sex. So . . . I’ll say I go ahead and cum. Then lie about time of death.

  7. You just became my favorite blogger. What a messed up question….brilliant.
    Where did the hooters photo go? It was so hot.

    If you look at the 360 page (link in the contact section), there is a picture of me in a hooters uniform.

  8. More to the point, 2 seconds out the guy most probably couldn’t stop. Then I guess it’s more of a question where he cums…. That could be awkward.

    More importantly though, what are your answers to your questions??

  9. I cant believe you would even think of something like this?

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