Posted by: bosteen | July 8, 2008

The Abyss

To MCB, commando status depends on the place and my mood.  I estimate this happens about 50% of the time.  A girl likes to feel naughty sometimes.

I find myself on the edge of a cliff lately.  The cliff’s name is Teacher X.  He has been getting needy lately.  This wasn’t part of the arrangement.  His actions translate to one thing in my mind, he is getting too attached to me.  This means I have to cut him off.  It is a shame because we fit so well sexually.  We had such a good thing going, he is married and I certainly had no plans of being with him long term.  Today, I am cutting off relations with him.  I will give him one last fuck and then it is over.  I will have to find someone else to fill my Tuesday afternoons.  All the above being said, it raises a couple questions in my mind.  Why do so many people have trouble separating sex and love? Does it mean I am cold hearted that I can separate them and cut people off?  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Well, I happen to know a guy who doesn’t have a problem separating the two: A guy by the name of Riff Dog! What time can you get here? ; )

    I think you’re smart to cut off TeacherX, although I’d be tempted to even skip the last fuck. Hopefully he takes it well. It can really be a problem when someone reads too much into the relationship.

  2. No, it means that he saw something in you he liked and, as most people would in that case, developed feelings for you.

    Please be gentle and understanding when you do it, we guys have feelings, too, you know.


  3. I’ve been asking that question for years. . . I find its women who have more problems with the separation of the two more so than men.

  4. skip the last fuck, it wont help things and it’ll give you an excuse to cave at a later date. You can always find someone who “fits”

  5. When adults become intimate they quite often fall in love. It isn’t his problem. For a girl who acts so confident and ‘worldly’, you are very naive.

    I didn’t know I came off as worldly, nor do I think I am. I admit I am naive. I am not exactly an old soul. I am only 20 years old. You must live in some fantastic place where everyone walks around with all this wisdom and great judgment. I certainly know of no such place. In your rush to judgment, you neglected my questions. A better comment would of given answers to those questions and compared them to who I am. This would be a much better criticism. Just my two pennies.

  6. The one last fuck will say something different to him than that “i don’t want to see you again”. Its a hard reality but once the unwritten rules have been breeched it has to end. I’m married and have had to bail myself when one or other in a “couple” was getting too close. Keep it up ! (both blogging and humping) !

  7. Why do so many people have trouble separating sex and love? Because sex is the single best way that I have found to express one’s love to another in a way that touches them deeply. And so the two become associated.

    Does it mean I am cold hearted that I can separate them and cut people off? No. It means you have clear boundaries and expect people to respect them. It also means that the person you do chose as a lover should probably share your understanding and ability to separate the two or you will likely be having many painful discussions about the difference between monogamy and fidelity.

  8. It’s a fine line. You don’t want Teacher X to get too attached; but you don’t want for him to treat you like a piece of meat either. Maybe things are worse than usual with his SO. I know a lot of men that would kill to be in Teacher X’s place. But they treat women so badly that they never will be. It’s never the scoundrels that get too clingy. It’s the ones with whom things might be different in a different time a place.

    50% of the time with no underwear. That’s a lot of feeling naughty. Personally know women who do it most of the time, not too often, or never. You definitely fit your namesake.

  9. i think you have it easy and its not hard for you to separate between the two for the simple reason: I honestly dont think you know what love is so sure … its very easy.

    now a different question is, maybe you dont feel love because for you all guys you look at are being viewed in context of sex and only sex? when was the last time you looked at a guy and thought he is cute/nice and didnt think of it in sexual context? you think like a guy and that is why we love you 🙂

  10. Well, it’s almost -always- the girl that can’t separate the two. That’s why most girls get messed up with the more guys they sleep with and -think- they can handle it. Sure, it’s starts around 13-16 years old…of course the girl will have ‘feelings’—it’s just in the dna…then 17-21…they think ‘No, I will definitely not let myself get attached!’…. but nooo, the pattern continues… then by the time she is 28-32…she is guarded, paranoid, suspicious, generally messed up…she’ll write in her online personals ‘not looking for hookups or one-night-stands…been there done that!’ and the bio-clock is ticking louder… just a tough time all around.
    Why do you think most pornstars, strippers, and prostitutes need drugs to get by? They can’t just have that ‘meaningless’ sex.
    I guess you are that -extremely- rare exception–I hope it doesn’t all come catching up to you down the road….enjoy these times!

  11. Question of my own- Do you tell him before or after the fuck that its the last one?

  12. Physical closeness (hugs, and of course sex) in mammals causes our hormonal system to release oxytocin. This is effectively a “bonding hormone”. It’s the same hormone released in breastfeeding mothers when they’re nursing, to ensure emotional bonding with the baby.

    Since wikipedia is never wrong:

    Bonding. In the Prairie Vole, oxytocin released into the brain of the female during sexual activity is important for forming a monogamous pair bond with her sexual partner. Vasopressin appears to have a similar effect in males. Oxytocin has a role in social behaviors in many species, and so it seems likely that it has similar roles in humans.

    We are chemical processes and nothing more.

  13. I don’t think you’re coldhearted, just one of the lucky few who can separate sex from emotional attachment. I’m the same way, unfortunately been in the same situation. When I’ve ended things, that was it, usually no last fuck, just finished. The one guy took it really hard, careful how you tell him.

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