Posted by: bosteen | July 6, 2008

Business in the front, Party in the back

I was thinking how I should come back to the blog.  It should be something with a bang.  There had been nothing worthy of the bang until the other night.  Work has preoccupied a lot of my time the last week and a half, due to someone quitting.  The effect of this was a lot of built up stress and frustration.  This came to an zenith the other day.  I came into work to find out I had to stay til closing.  It sucked because I had to open the store the next day.  The first thing was to call someone, the football player, and ask if he would come to the store at closing because there are too many ways for store closing to go badly (robbed, raped, etc…).  (My reason for the football player is if someone was up to no good, he is a great guy to prevent it.  Why?  He is 6’3, over 200 lbs of muscle and black.  There aren’t many that want to deal with him.) According to him, he didn’t have anything to do and would be happy to help me out.  I knew he had something planned but wanted to get out of it and needed an excuse.

My thoughts went between pissed at the situation and how I should thank the football player at work.  It was an hour before closing when I decided to get a start on the cleaning for tomorrow morning.  I was going to make it easier for myself so I didn’t have to do all the drudgery the next day.  I was about 15 minutes into cleaning when the football player walks in the store.  His face wore a big smile which made me smile in return.  I knew why he was smiling, because when he was walking in the store I was bending over with my ass to the door picking up items I knocked over.  He was very talkative and complementary to me.  He remarked a couple times on the dress i wore to work.  I took the opportunities presented to rub against him.  My plan was to get him back to my place and have some fun.  This plan ended up changing because the more i “accidentally” rubbed up against him or flirted with him while I cleaned, the hornier I became.

It became a game with us.  We wanted to see who would give in to the other person first as the sexual tension grew.  He started to look around the store at one point.  He would pick up an item and ask if I had one.  I would say yes or no.  When my answer was a no, he would tell me how great I would look in it.  When my answer was a yes, he would ask why hadn’t he seen me in it.  My reply would be a long the lines, “Our clothes usually aren’t on long enough to notice.”  He would laugh and go looking for another item to ask about.  One of the items he picked up, I was wearing.  I informed him I was wearing it.  He asked if he could see it.  I replied with a coy smile, “If you are a good boy.”

After a lot of flirting, it had come time to shut and lock the door.  He stood there talking to me as I closed out the cash register.  I caught him a couple times trying to look down the top of my dress.  In return, I would act all offended and give him pretend lectures, telling him he isn’t being a very good boy.  I had to go in the back to put the money bag away, so he stayed up front.  On the way back, an idea struck me.  It was perfect.  I knew he would have no problem.  After I put the money away, I called out to him from the back room.  He yelled back but didnt come to the back room.  I yelled again, this time asking him to come help me with something.  He finally got the hint, typical guys, and he walked back.

I stood before him, my dress on the floor, wearing my bra and panties.  He moved toward me as I said, “This is what they look like on me.”  He didn’t say anything in return, he licked his lips as he got closer.  In my mind, it seem like forever until he finally reached me.  I was not disappointed when he did because he grabbed me and pulled my body into his.  His hands moved down my back to my ass.  He pulled back one of his hands and the next thing i heard was the smacking noise of his hand on my ass and the feeling of a sting on my right ass cheek.  He finally said something in a low, deep tone of voice, “You have been very bad and your going to get punished now.”  My insides were screaming, “YES! YES! YES!” at what he said.

He pulled down my panties and they joined my dress on the the floor.  He pulled away from me for a second to take off my bra.  I took this opportunity to free him from his pants.  I couldn’t help but smile when his cock came free.  My pussy was growing wet just from looking and thinking about him fucking me with it.  He sucked on my nipples briefly but it wasn’t what we both wanted.  His hands went to my ass again and this time they lifted me upwards.  He pressed my back up against the wall and started to kiss me.  I wrapped my legs around his waist.  I took a free hand to reach behind me to steady his cock and lowered myself onto him.  It was the first time I had him in a couple weeks, it felt wonderful to have my lips spread around his thick cock.  My pussy was so wet that he slid in with little effort.  The real pleasure didn’t start until he started to move his hip.  I could feel his cock moving within me and themoans started to come from my mouth.

The feeling of him inside me was amazing.  I know he is strong and could stay in the standing against the wall position for a long time.  However, it wasn’t a punishment type of sex.  It wasn’t the way I wanted to get off.   I asked him to stop for a moment.  He got concerned he did something wrong.  I assured him he was doing a fantastic job but I wanted a different position.  He let me down.  I turned away from him, my hands on the wall and arched my back so my ass was right out there.  He didn’t need any guidance.  His hands grabbed on to my hips as he stuck his cock in me deep and hard.  He punished my pussy with his cock.  My moans turned to grunts as he fucked me.  He was into the moment because he started with dirty talk.  The only answer that would come out of my mouth was “Yes daddy.”  This egged him on even further.  He didn’t stop until cum shot from him to deep inside of me.

He pulled out of me.  I took this as a chance to turn around and get on my knees.  I licked his dick clean, tasting both of our juices on his dick.  We got dressed and he took me home.  On the way home, I kept thinking that I forgot something.  I ran through my mind about closing the store.  It wasn’t anything to do with the store.  I walked in my bedroom to get ready for bed.  It was there the missing item came to me.  I left my panties on the floor of the backroom.  I set my alarm early so I would get in earlier to get my panties, I didn’t need to explain that to my coworker.  I masturbated quickly and went to sleep.  The following day was good because I got there before the other person and gathered my panties.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. It looks like you made the best of the situation. I have a lot of sympathy for people who work in retail. I’m glad that you had fun closing. In the cube farm that I call work, there is not anyplace for extracurricular activities. Cameras everywhere and security in the facility 24/7.

    BTW: How often do you go commando? It must be more than your average woman since you didn’t notice that you were missing anything.

  2. What a great comeback post! SEXY AS ALL HELL! and what a way to thank someone! Im not on the east coast, but if you ever need anything done…email me 😉 WB Sweetie!

  3. Very, very hot.

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