Posted by: bosteen | June 18, 2008

Turndown service.

I promised an encounter a couple weeks ago and didn’t deliver.  It is about time I wrote a sex post and delivered on my promise.  This takes place a couple days after my finals ended for the last semester.

My phone is ringing as I come in from work.  I sighed at this because the phone bugs the hell out of me at work and the first thing I hear when I come home isn’t the phone.  I answered the phone, going against my urge to ignore it, and was pleasantly surprised.  It was Business Traveller.  He always brings a smile to my face.  He was coming into down in a couple days, short notice for him.  I wanted to do something special for him so I told a little white lie.  When he asked about my schedule, I told him I had some last tests but I would try my best to make it there.  He was disappointed, it was in the tone of his voice.  I smiled because I was formulating a plan.

I was at work a couple days later when he called my cell.  He left a voice-mail telling me his hotel and room.  The hotel is almost always the same so it wasn’t a big mystery.  My plan was to go see him that night, but I needed to go home to get my present ready for him.  I rushed home to get my shower, dress in my outfit and leave.  I was thanking god it was rainy because I could wear a coat.  Although, the looks of me going through the lobby would of been funny. The cab driver probably would of liked it.  I was going to take off my coat in the elevator but there was a guy and his wife in there, again funny looks.  My coat came off while I walked down the hallway to his door.  It was essential for him to look through the peep hole and see it.  I was almost at his door when someone left their room and saw me.  This woman gave me a dirty look.  I was tempted to tell her to go fuck off but thought it better not to make a scene.  I approached the door and knocked.

I could hear him come to the door and he asked, “Who is it?”  I tried a different voice replying, “Maid”.  The light coming from the peep hole went dark then light.  The door opened and he stood there with the biggest smile on his face, like a kid that opens that present he/she has been begging for the last three months before Christmas.  He saw me standing there in my left over french maid costume.  I didn’t greet him or anything, I stated, “You asked for a turndown on your bed,” and walked in the room.  I got to the bed, leaned over and started to take down the top blanket.

My back was turned when the door closed.  I knew something was coming but I wasn’t sure what it was.  My pussy was wet, it had been getting that way since the cab.  Anticipation of a good fuck will always cause me to get wet well before the event.  He had to noticed that I didn’t have on any panties with my costume because the first thing I felt was his fingers between my legs.  He was stroking the lips of my pussy.  The sensation filled my body and my abs tightened up for a moment.  I couldn’t make a sound.  He contiuned to stroke my lips while my breathing got deeper and started to moan a little.  I went to stand up but he wouldn’t let me.  He put his hand on my back to push me over.  I succumbed to his will because I didnt want him to stop touching me.  He rubbed some more then I felt his fingers move away from me.  I was mad because it was feeling so good and so close to climax.  He sensed how good I was feeling and didn’t want me to orgasm just yet.

His hand appeared in front of me.  He put his fingers in my mouth so I could taste my juices.  I went to go rub myself when he said with a stern voice, “Your not allowed to touch yourself.”  This really excited me.  He has a great authoritarian tone to his voice.  He smacked my ass a couple times while his fingers were in my mouth.  It made me squeal a little bit.  He took this encouragement and slipped a couple fingers inside me.  It was just what I needed, other than a good hard cock.  It only took about two minutes of his fingers inside me for me to orgasm.  I squirted a little into his hand which he made me lick up.  I gladly did everything he said followed by a kiss so he could taste it.

This is all I can say for now because I need to go masturbate.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Women always give other women dirty looks. But it’s mostly about them and not about you. I’d certainly like a maid like you turning up at my door!

  2. the story of my life these past few days…tease tease and more tease…great post

  3. You and me both! fabulous post!

  4. Fun fun fun 🙂
    You gotta love the anticipation of a good fuck 😉

    Much luv and happy blogging,

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