Posted by: bosteen | May 11, 2008

Almost finished

To start, you should all call your mom and wish her a happy mother’s day.  You should use the phone before you go masturbating.  It prevents a mess.  Next, I want to say thank you to those that wished me well on my tests. It really wasn’t necessary.  I will move on to some questions before I head off to work.

Do you use condoms regularly and then just omit them for the sake of keeping your stories titillating without disrupting the pace of the action?  I only let certain people I trust go without a condom.  All others must put on their rain coat.  I do admit in my younger days, I was not so careful and damn lucky.  It was stupid and irresponsible but aren’t we all when we are kids.

If you don’t like cell phones, what is your preferred method for communicating with others?  I said I hate the phone.  I didn’t mean specifically cell phones.  It is all phones.  A ringing phone is one of the more annoying sounds to me.  However phones are so important, it isn’t like I can live life without one.  Cell phones are a particularly evil invention.  The only reason I have one is for emergencies.  I hate text messages on phones.  I swear it is the only form of communications for people.  The evilest thing is no one knows when to shut their fucking phone off.  If you are eating, turn off the phone or ignore it.  The world can live for 5 minutes while you eat.  It isn’t like you are the President of the United States.  If I am on a date and the person answers their phone, it is over.  It is a sign of disrespect to me.

So what’s the biggest you have ever had?  I get this question all the time.  I have a canned answer I give.  It is a friend’s line but I like to use it.  “I don’t stop midway through having fun to measure it.”
My tendency is to go towards above average guys.  However, this doesn’t mean they are any better than guys that are average or smaller.  It sounds cliche but if a guy doesn’t know how to use what he has, the length/girth is wasted.

Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I don’t understand the size question anyway. It’s not like guys have a sign on their back that says how big their dick is. Some questions always get asked even if they don’t make a lot of sense when you analyze them. I know we always get asked if we have a preference to a particular race. But that’s never been a factor in the people we meet and socialize with.

  2. Haha, it’s funny- almost every guy that I have been with has been overly cocky (no pun intended) about the size of their dicks. Only a few have actually qualified for bragging rights, however.

    You are right though- if a guy doesn’t know how to use it, the size definitely goes to waste.


  3. One question I was wondering — and have always wondered — is what does it feel like when a guy cums inside of you? What exactly do you feel? Do you feel anything?

    What about emotionally? Is it different for him to cum inside of you emotionally than if he cums in a condom?

    I hope you did well on your tests as well. Sorry this is late and sounds prompted. But, I have thought of you outside of reading your website. I know how stressful exam week is.

    And PS. I know I am average size. I don’t understand the importance of desiring a large wanker. I know how to compensate. That’s all I’ve got to say.

  4. My boyfriend right now is certainly not the biggest iv had, but oh my god he knows how to use it 😛 While some of the um..larger models I’ve tested have had no idea and just plough on in without a care..owch!

    I certainly agree with you that it is rude to use a cellphone when on a date or in a conversation, but I do like being able to communicate with someone when a phone isnt necessarily available. I do find it annoying when people have loud conversations on their phone on public transport. I tend to text message, as its the cheaper option where I come from.

    As for condoms, well aside from my current boyfriend who was a special exception for some reason, every guy who wants to get wet must, as you put it, wear his raincoat.

  5. I think…if you’re reading this Blog and thinking of your mom, you probably shouldn’t call her.

    Oedipus Rex

  6. Lol, I love that line- “I don’t stop midway through having fun to measure it.”

    Guys ask me that all the time, I’ll have to remember that one 🙂

  7. always love reading about your adventures and glad you admit that you go after above average guys. so many girls pretend it doesnt matter but we know it really does….

  8. That’s funny.

    I always tell guys, if you’re gonna talk about how big your dick is…

    … tell everyone it’s SMALL.

    No one believes you anyway… and it’s good for a laugh.

    Besides, who wouldn’t want to find out after being told that… curiosity’s a bitch… lol

  9. Your honesty is something we genuinely admire.

  10. whats the point of having a big dick if you don’t know how to use it? I have been with a guy like that. And I’ve been with guys with average size who know how to fuck. It all depends on how skilled you are.

  11. Good question on the condoms! What I write and what I do are two different things and I certainly hope that everyone is aware of that. It’s just like watching porn and not seeing safe sex 99% of the time. It’s fiction, folks!

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