Posted by: bosteen | April 29, 2008

A Success

The White Russian party was a big hit.  I almost changed my costume at the last minute to Walter but was glad I didn’t because two Walters showed up.  It was surprising they showed up because the party was on Saturday.  I ended up going as Bunny. It really is an easy costume for me to do.  I don’t think the guys that showed up minded me in a bikini.  My next door neighbor, the one I talked about last week, never saw the movie, so I had to invite her.  She didn’t have to dress up because not like she knew the choices.  I did have a first this year, someone showed up as Jesus.  He had the accent, hair net, and everything. He had the best costume I can remember in the past three years.  In total, there was 22 people to celebrate the Dude.  The number grows a little every year.  The party will have to move at some point because I don’t think my apartment can handle much of an increase.  Until next year, “The Dude abides.”

Slut X


  1. you should have invited me!
    if thats ur ass on the header it a pretty good one.
    Let me check for a second. Yep, thats my ass.

  2. Party pictures on yahoo pls thx

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