Posted by: bosteen | April 25, 2008

To the Dude.

This weekend is the third annual White Russian party.  You ask, “What is the White Russian party?”  I smack you in return because you asked a stupid question.  The White Russian party is a party where we celebrate “the Dude” and the movie The Big Lebowski.  The drinks being served are white russians, the people can dress in any character they want, except the Nihilists.  No Nihilists allowed.  I like to dress as the Dude or as Bunny Lebowski.  The night usually starts with the movie, the moves to just drinking.  If you haven’t seen the movie, go to the store and buy it.  It is a must own.  When you leave, take the briefcase of underwear but leave the rug.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. will you suck my cock for $1000 then? lol

    Its a $100 for someone to watch.

  2. Haha, sounds fun!

  3. its refreshing that more people love that movie. Id wanna dress as the cowboy that hung out at the bowling alleys bar…..

  4. The rug really ties the room together.

    Damn China man.

  5. Umm, isn’t it called a Caucasian Night?

    The drink is called a White Russian, however the Dude calls it a Caucasian.

  6. You mean coitus?

  7. Tara Reid 2008 would kill for your tits.

  8. Tara Reid 1998, however, would just have paid $59.95 for a bad boob job.

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