Posted by: bosteen | April 20, 2008

My weekend

I am sad, my future husband got married this weekend.  Even though I am a Redskins fan, I would marry Eli Manning.  I will just have to get him to dump his wife.  LIke all people do, I filled my weekend with work and fun to avoid thinking about my future husband getting married.

On Friday, I did my work and school thing.  It was followed by blowing off some steam at a club dancing.  It really was what the doctor ordered.  There was nothing scandalous, unless you count people buying me alcohol.  It was all about dancing and letting loose.

Saturday, I woke up early for work.  It was at this point that I really hated dancing the night before.  I am not a morning person on most days but the night before made it worse.  The morning at work was pure hell but it picked up after lunch.  I was flirting with the guy that made my sandwich for lunch.  It brightened my day, I hope it did the same for him.  After work, I went home and had to get ready for a date with the guy from the library.  I really didn’t know what to expect from this date.

He showed up on time to get me which is always a plus.  I think the way I dressed caught him off guard.  I wore a cute skirt and a rather low cut top.  I have to show the girls off when I can, they do like the attention.  We went out to get something to eat and went to see that Kirsten Bell movie.  Overall, the date was okay.  I don’t see much happening with him but it is fine.  I gave him a little peck for a kiss when I got home.  I told him I had to work in the morning, which wasn’t a lie, to get him to leave.  The truth was I didn’t want to get his hopes up.

I didn’t end up going to bed for a while.  In the end, I ended up calling the football player for a quickie.  I kicked him out then got some sleep.  Today, I had to work and then go do school work. I will have more for you tomorrow.   There is a new blog you should check out.  It only has a couple entries but has potential.  Check it out and give the girl some love. Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. good for you hope you enjoyed yourself to the fullest

  2. Keep it in the back of your head, guys: the girl you just took out on a nice date could very well be calling up a fuck buddy after she ditches you at the end of the night. 😉

    Slut X: did you at least go dutch on the date?

    I don’t go into a date saying I will or will not sleep with someone. I went into the date with an open mind, with the desire of seeing if there was chemistry between us. I did not lead the guy on, I didn’t tell him I would call him, I didn’t promise him anything. The fact that I hooked up later that night was more of a personal need and not a personal statement against the library guy.
    Since he asked me out to dinner, he paid. If I asked a guy out on a date (I have done it), I pay for the date.

  3. Personally, I would never let my date pay. Also, I would never go to the movies on the first date if I seriously was interested in getting to know the lady. I think they are a bit anti-social.

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