Posted by: bosteen | April 17, 2008

Love, Hate

There are things I love and hate about working retail.  There is one thing that changes so much between the love and hate.  It is the customers.  A single customer can completely ruin or make your day.  I had a great customer today.  She brought a smile to my face.

She came into the store around noon and started to look around.  Being the pain in the ass salesperson, I had to go up to ask her “can I help you with anything…”.  I really hate it when people do this to me so it is even harder for me to do it to someone else.  However, she had a question so it was a good thing.  Her question was about something she saw in the store a couple months ago.  We didn’t have it in stock, I told her but we had similar things.  I took her to some of the items I talked about.  She is continuing to talk to me.  It isn’t harmless things.  She is telling me how she is wanting to give her boyfriend a surprise/gift.  Apparently, he did something nice for her over the weekend and she wanted to show her gratitude.  I wanted to ask her what kind of things she did for him in the past but something was holding me back.  I didn’t want to come across nosy to a complete stranger.

In the end, I didn’t have to ask because she started to tell me about a time that she surprised him.  It sounded dirty, lot of fun and something I would totally do.  I couldn’t hold back anymore, she was a my type of girl.  I mentioned the school girl thing I did for Teacher X a month back.  I could tell by the look in her eye she was considering it.  She wasn’t going to do it though because she had her idea already thought out for this particular time.  We talked the whole time I was helping her out.  We shared some ideas and I have to say she gave me lots of good ones.

My mind roamed a lot after she left.  It was pretty much in the gutter thinking about things I could do to surprise someone or specific people.  Teacher X came to mind more than anyone else.  We haven’t met up in a couple weeks because of scheduling issues.  He does say he is going to be at my house with me next Tuesday unless he dies from some freak accident.  Needless to say, he will have a nice present waiting for him when he comes on Tuesday.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. You should have invited her over, or gotten her number. Hehe.

  2. Well I’m glad you had a good time at work and I can’t wait to hear about what you have planned for Teacher X 🙂

  3. So what did she end up getting. And what are you going to do for Teacher X.

  4. Usually, I go out of my way to avoid customers dragging me into sharing their sex lives in lurid detail. Perhaps it’s a matter of context.

    On the other hand, you work retail, are comfortable dealing with customers, and are comfortable with sex… I’d hire you.

  5. Retailer / customer exchanges can be so… parallel lines. Respectful distance maintained. It’s cool when one or two lines veer off like this. DEFINITELY hope Teacher X doesn’t encounter a freak accident.

  6. sounds interesting… wished my customers started asking about things like that lol… although I have gotten hints of interest in me

  7. Sooooo . . . would you mind if I suggest to my girlfriend that she stop in at your store? Somehow I think I might like what she comes out with.

  8. Hi. I am just starting off as a blogger…your site was definitely an inspiration. Keep up the great posts!

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