Posted by: bosteen | April 10, 2008

E-mail question

I got an e-mail yesterday and it compelled me to answer it in the blog.

…I didn’t realize how big your breasts are… I have read most, if not all, of your blog and I don’t recall them being much involved in your sex play. Do you not care for that or do you just not write about it? I can’t imagine that none of your lovers wouldn’t want to push them together and slide his cock in between them…

I looked back and saw that I haven’t really addressed this in any of my sex post. I haven’t really covered anal either. These two things fall into making the man happy and me not getting a bunch out of it.  I have done both.  It is usually me giving the guy something he wants after I get off.  I do like to try to catch the cum in my mouth when a guy does tit fuck me.  Its sort of like target practice.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Anal sex, when accompanied by a vibrator, can be VERY intense for the female. Maybe I should show you….


  2. target practice…my my my

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