Posted by: bosteen | April 8, 2008


  1. Your boyfriend/girlfriend cheats on you with your best friend, who are you (more) mad at?  I have never been in this situation.  I would like to think it is both of them.  It is a betrayal of trust on both sides.  They are both at fault unless one drugs the other, then takes advantage.
  2. Is there something someone could say to you that would cross a boundary of not being able to take back or forgive them?  I am sure there is something but I can’t think of it at the moment.
  3. What non-sexual body part do you find the sexiest?  On women, their neck.  Necks can’t be sexy on guys, it is just different.  On guys, strong hands.  Strong hands tell me that he is a hard worker and in shape.  (or they masturbate way too much).  It is more of a feeling safe thing.  Strong hands make me think if I need defending, he is capable of doing so.
  4. Would you ever consider cosmetic surgery to have the perfect body?  I like who I am and what I look like.  I wouldn’t do anything to change it.  The only thing I could imagine myself doing is when I get older, breast reduction if I had back pains.  However, it is a medical reason in that case.
  5. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?  Hell yes.  Women are hot, why wouldn’t I.  Its also a great way to get guys attention.

Bonus (as in optional): If you were going to have a one night stand, who would you rather it be with- an ex or someone totally random you just met.  It would have to be a stranger.  Hooking up with ex’s can cause problems.  The other person could think there is room for more or getting back together.  It is just a totally uncomfortable situation.  If I don’t know the person, then I can tell them to get lost without feeling guilty.

Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. #1 is something that seems to happen a lot; but I would be madder at the “best friend” since that not what friends are supposed to do. They’re supposed to support your SO (and you) in a moment of weakness; not take advantage of the situation.

    One night stands are easier with Exes but they are much too complicated in the long run.

  2. Well, I think it’s just an issue of you making things clear before things get hot and heavy with an ex (or anyone else, for that matter)–that will prevent any unwanted expectations, not really that hard I should think.

    Oh, and I would ALWAYS blame my SO for cheating, regardless of the circumstances. If it was with my friend, then no he wouldn’t be my friend anymore, but I really don’t understand these guys whose girlfriends/wives cheat on them and then they direct their anger toward the GUY she boinked! WTF?!

    First of all, it was entirely HER fault, her decision, to do this and it’s entirely her responsibility for having cheated (it’s not the BF/husbands, no I don’t care how ‘neglected’ she was NOR the ‘other’ guy).

    Secondly, the other guy might not even have known that she was married/had a bf and in that case you REALLY can’t get mad at him since he was just doing exactly what you would’ve done in his situation, you know?

    Oh, and you mentioned the breast reduction surgery due to back problems possibility thereby implying that the girls are rather large, so you’ve kinda set yourself up for this one then: D’s? DD’s? Do tell 😛


  3. You’ve done it again with your banner photo; sooo damn sexy!

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Nice story,,,just love evrything about you…

  5. man cheated on me too…my friend as well…but life goes on ok.. all men just wanna fuck,,,thats all they care about…

  6. i have a bf now and he wants to fuck a lot of women too…what can i say

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