Posted by: bosteen | April 1, 2008


1. How are your March Madness picks doing? or What is your favorite event? I am not a basketball fan so I could careless about March Madness. Its all about the Super Bowl with me.
2. What is the best April Fool’s joke – EVER? I don’t recall any April Fool’s jokes that I have done. I do play pranks though. The best is to plastic wrap someones toilet. It works best in the morning or middle of the night. There is definitely a better freak out during those times.
3. Valentine’s Day – bogus holiday or romantic holiday? Isn’t this question a month late? It is bogus. I always felt if you love someone, you show them every day. I don’t need a card or flowers to show me that you love me. The florists make a fortune this day. The cost of roses quadruples for Valentine’s Day. If you want to buy me roses, you can do it at their low point in cost.
4. If you made any New Year’s Resolutions have you broken them yet? or What have you done lately to make yourself a better person? I don’t make them because they don’t hold. Most people make resolutions that they will never be able to keep. I have been working out a lot lately. If you don’t believe me, I will take you to the gun show.
5. If you believe in ‘regret’, what is your biggest regret? If you don’t believe in ‘regret’, what do you call ‘errors in judgment’ or ‘missed opportunities’ in your philosophy of life? I believe in regret but live my life so I don’t have them. I moved around a lot being a military brat. I told myself early that I didn’t want to live somewhere and not have friends or fun. This made me more adventurous and willing to try new things. Errors in judgement are mistakes, call them what they are. This isn’t Hillary Clinton running for president. Every person makes mistakes, there is no way to avoid them. The best thing to do is learn from them.

Bonus (as in optional): Tell us about four things about yourself, one of which isn’t true. I fucked a professional athlete. I have been with over 10 women. There are clothes on my bedroom floor 99% of the time. I still have a blanket from the time I was a baby.

Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Yeah, I’m going with the last one not being true 😀

    Oh, btw, the text is dicked up, it’s running over the right and the last part of each sentence is covered up by the menus…

    I fixed the text. You can guess but I won’t tell what one is false.

  2. Absolutely agree with the New Year’s resolution.

  3. I was a pro athelete and I fucked more’n 10 women!!!
    does that count??

  4. Go into a gym in January, then go back a month later. Its unbelievable how many people don’t stick with their resolution to work out. The best time to make resolutions is when you notice that you need to do something different. Not on an artificial schedule.

    BTW: I think that your bedroom floor is clean.

  5. I bet my bedroom is messier than yours 😛

  6. I am hoping that the not caring about March Madness is really the April Fool.

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