Posted by: bosteen | March 26, 2008

Quick Word

I just wanted to say something quickly before work.  While chatting with a reader, he tells me he ran into someone at the airport that knows my blog.  I am shocked that something like this happened.  It is so random and cool.  Have you met anyone else that reads the blog?  If you were the other person at the airport, please contact me.  I love that stuff.  I will be back after work with a sex event.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I saw one of my co-workers reading your blog and asked him about it and he said he cant get enough.. I had been reading your blog before I saw my co-worker reading it..

  2. I’m such a voyeur…and your blog hits all the right buttons. I love reading about your adventures and can just imagine hearing you moan. Love it.

    Yours in Sextacy,

    P.S. Have you ever considered posting any audio?

  3. Interesting… Another blog I read she went home with a guy and found out he read her blog. have a look here….

  4. Your blog is international too. I read it from Argentina.

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