Posted by: bosteen | March 20, 2008

Caught in the act

I was feeling frisky at school today. My morning masturbation didn’t do much to keep my mind from going to the dirty, horny place.  I sat through my first two classes in a wet dream state.  I couldn’t tell you what the prof was teaching.  If there was a hot guy in the class, I was thinking about all the ways I would fuck him.  There is a slight break between my second and third class.  I usually find a common area to sit.  I read, do homework or just relax.  This day I chose to relax.  I was sitting there watching people walk by listening to my ipod.  I see a guy I have been flirting with for a couple weeks walk by me.  I say something to him and he sits to talk with me.

He started to flirt with me and in my current mood, it became dangerous.  I flirted back heavily.  I would lean over so he could see down my shirt.  He took advantage of this because I caught him looking.  Each time, I would give him a smile.  Before I realized what I was doing, my hand found its way to his leg.  It was moving up his thigh.  I noticed his cock move in his pants.  A smile formed on my face again.  I got close to him so I could whisper in his ear.  I said something like, “We should find some place to be alone.”   He shook his head in agreement.

I grabbed my bag and started to walk. He followed me.  I walked past a bathroom but forgot that quickly.  Bathrooms in college are hard to do hide two people in a stall.  We found a dark room with the door open.  I popped my head in the door to find no one there.  The room was smaller, there was a table with chairs around it facing a white board.  I walked up by the white board.  He grabbed me and started to kiss me.  It was a bit too much tongue at first but he got better.  His hands went right for my ass which I love.  My hand went to his cock, I was rubbing him through his pants.  His cock felt so good in my hand.  One of his hands went between my legs and started to rub.  I thought I would orgasm in my pants.  (**** I started this on Wednesday and didn’t finish. ****)

I just started to unzip his pants when the door started to open.  It was a race to get situated and look like we were leaving the room.  This guy in his mid-30’s walks into the room.  He knew what we were doing.  He had a smile on his face.  We left the room but I think the almost getting caught was too much for him that day.  I ended up in the bathroom masturbating quickly before my class.  I felt much better for the rest of the day.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. that sucks, at least you weren’t fully in the act but a shame you didn’t get to finish your fun with him

  2. I wish I could have had this much fun while I was in college. I guess its never too late to go back. I am only 24.

  3. If the walls of “ordinary” rooms on college campuses could talk, I’m sure that there would be many stories to tell; especially since the likelihood of an interruption is so small if class is in session. The mid-30s guy probably checked out the room you were in every time the door was closed; just to see what whom he might surprise. It’s a shame you couldn’t find someplace to finish what you started.

  4. Thats owesome,,had a fun time too when i was in college…

  5. I got caught once in college. I had this girl Jenny down on her hands an knees in a dark computer lab and I was behind her, banging her like a screen door in a hurricane. I could have sworn we’d locked the door but suddenly it opened and this little Asian dude came in. The look on his face was pitiful, he looked so shocked and betrayed by what we were doing to his precious computer lab!

  6. Been reading for a while. Good shit.

  7. Great post, I always wonder if girls go in the ladies room and rub one out. Every once n a while in a men’s stall someone will leave behind a load of cum. was it that they were telling all of us, “Hey I just jerked my cock.”

  8. too bad you didn’t invite the second guy to join in.

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