Posted by: bosteen | March 17, 2008

Back to the grind

It is back to the grind this week.  I enjoyed my time off of school and work.  Yesterday, I worked 8 hours.  It isn’t that I hate working but retail really blows.  I really hope I am not that bad when I shop.  I try to not to repeat the same shit that people do to me when I go shopping.  If I worked in a restaurant, I would go nuts so it can’t be that bad.  On a side note, do some of you think I would hold up the UPS guy that long for him to get fired?  I wouldn’t want the guy to lose his job.  I am not heartless.  Time for me to go out for the biggest holiday in Boston.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. just tell ups guy to clock out for his break, have your fun with him and toss him out. he’s allowed breaks so there you go. have fun. enjoy your blog.

  2. Just go for it, you only live once, this guy could be thinking to himself that dropping off packages to you is his favorite part of the day but is just trying to play it cool so he doesn’t blow his chances with you..

  3. Some things are worth losing your job over…… 🙂

  4. He’d be in a world of trouble if you held him up for that, I work for said company, and they hold the drivers to a very strict schedule.

    I know this. It is the reason why I didn’t hold him up.

  5. Of course on the other hand I know a package car driver who decided to go for some afternoon delight in his truck and he got his job back after they caught the truck a rocking.

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