Posted by: bosteen | March 11, 2008

Business Affairs.

I was feeling frisky today. After talking about needing a new dick, I decided to do something about it.  I thought about where I could find some one new, then I got an e-mail from business traveler.  It hit me that there would be a whole bunch of guys out for lunch.  They are out of the office, full of stress, and looking to relax.  I thought I would dress up in something of a business attire and go out for lunch.  I got dressed in one of my grey business skirts (kind of short), a light blue button down shirt with plenty of cleavage showing, thigh highs and heels.

I went down town about 1230 and found a semi busy place to go eat. I got my food and looked around for a good table to eat.  There were a couple open but I wanted someone that would be receptive to flirting.  I found one next to a guy, I would guess late 20’s, not married or not wearing a wedding ring.  He looked up as I set my food down and took off my jacket.  He tried not to look obvious when he saw the cleavage but it was noticeable.  I put my jacket down and it fell off the chair (I didn’t plan this) so I bent over to pick it up.  This time he got the rear view.  I started small talk with him.  He was talking back so I started to flirt with him.  Once he started flirting back, I knew I could have some fun.

I took a chance and moved over to his table.  This gave me the opportunity to do some hands on flirting.  I told him it looked like he was having a rough day.  He said something like he had better days.  He told me that he had a rough day ahead of him.  I said, “When I have one of those days, I find its best to get off.  It relaxes me.”  He had this look of confusion, shock and happiness.  He followed up with a question of where I would get off.  I looked suggestively and told him, “If its in the afternoon, I do it during lunch.”  He got a big smile, it could be the dirty thoughts he was having or the fact that my hand was on his leg.  He would ask more questions about how I would go about how I would relax.  My answers would become more suggestive.  He finally asks me, “If you were me today, what would you do?”  I gave him a big smile and paused.  “I would find a place to take the woman flirting with me, so she could help me relax.  I think a blow job in the bathroom would relax me for the rest of my day.”

At the end of my statement, I stood up and said, “I think I have to use the rest room.”  He quickly retorted, “Me too.”  I walked up to the men’s door and opened it.  If someone was in there, I would just say how sorry I was that I wasn’t paying attention.  Women can get away with that a lot easier than men.  There were no men in there so I walked in and went to the furthest stall.  The guy followed me in the stall and I locked the door.  He wanted to see my chest so I unbuttoned my shirt so he could see the girls.  I squatted down in front of him.  My hands pulled his cock free of his pants, it was an average length and thickness.  The size didn’t really matter, I wanted to taste his cum.  One hand was playing with his balls while the other held his dick.  I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock first.  I wrapped my lips around the head and took him into my mouth.  I worked his cock slow at first and sped up.  I was really getting into sucking him when he blew.  I was disappointed that it happened so fast but he had a good sized load and tasted good.  We parted ways, he gave me his card.  I don’t know if I will call him because how fast he went.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Sucks to be him as they say. He had fun for today but ruined any other chance at a repeat performance. I’m sure that he would love to be in the regular (or even the irregular) rotation. There’s a lesson in there somewhere for us guys.

  2. let him try it again 😉 i guess he was nervously. i mean hey, that’s not something happening every day, isnt it?

  3. I think youre being unfair……………When you combine a great blowjob, a hot looking girl and a situation that men only dream of (meeting a stranger and within a little bit of time, she’s sucking you off), I think he gets a free pass with regards to lasting power for this time…….

  4. of course he’s gonna cum really fast, when u do something like that to a guy they get nervous and excited at the same time ha. That has definitely happened to me before. If u wanna longer session u gotta take it to the bedroom.

  5. definitely need to give the guy a 2nd chance, in a situation like that, almost anyone will blow their load quickly

  6. You should quit the mall job. Look at how well “Kristen” did. This is meant as a compliment.

  7. Give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. I’m sure he was rushing so as not to get caught or have you get tired..then again, first impressions are most important.

    Love your wonderfully slutty demeanor

  8. this is one of my favorite fantasies….

  9. You always make me wet. Every time i read your blog I want to touch myself and most of the time I do. I would love to touch you and make you cum like your words make me cum. I picture your soft body and fantasize about you and me and a night of pure passion. Just keep up the posts, because you make my bed and my pussy that much better.



    What the hell are you talking about?

  11. You think exactly like a guy!! The only difference between you and a guy (other than your awesome body) is that a guy would never be as sucessful as you in scenario’s like this…

    Love your blog!!

    Please add some more photo’s to your yahoo 360 site…it’s great jerking material!

  12. I enjoy ur blogs very much
    That arouse me to a great point
    I’d love to hook up with u

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