Posted by: bosteen | March 10, 2008


I am sorry about the last post. I did finish the thing. I wrote it, published it and even checked to make sure it posted before I went to bed. It went through. I woke up the next morning and it was mostly gone. I was screaming because wordpress does weird shit sometimes. It is finished now so go and enjoy.

I am sad. I don’t really have the money for my spring break trip that I planned. With gas going up every fucking day, it seems that way, I just can’t afford it. This means that there will be some happy, lucky guys in Boston. I was looking forward to wearing some new bikinis to the beach. They will just have to be on display as I walk around my house.

I have determined  I need some new dick in my life.  All the recent activity has been with the same people.  This weekend, for example, I had sex.  It was with people I have known for a while but don’t write about on here.  Don’t ask me why I don’t write about them, I don’t know why.  There is Tina, the girl from the glory hole, I play with her from time to time.  I just want some new cock.  I should put out an application.  What kind of questions would go on that kind of application.  Do I put on a waiver for sexual harassment claims?  I can imagine the guy at the Globe when I call up to put an ad in the paper.  I wouldn’t do that last part, it was a joke.  I have lots of strange thoughts as I write this.  If it doesn’t make sense, just laugh at the stupidity.

Some one e-mailed me the other day and asked about threesomes.  They implied that I can get them going very easily.  I am not criticizing e-mailer.  I don’t think I have that many.  I can recall three in the last year and I mentioned them in the blog.  Sometimes I wish I had the magic power to form threesomes.  There are sometimes when one dick just isn’t enough.  Wow!  I read that last sentence and it sounds horrible.  Anyhow, the threesomes you read about are not easy things to get.  The people involved are usually a little drunk and easier to manipulate to get things.  Let’s face it, we do a lot of things we ordinarily wouldn’t do when drunk.  I think that is all for now.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. i wish i was one of those lucky guys. if only i was in boston.

    people do a lot of things they wouldn’t normally do in the heat of passion too. you ever thought about doing a dp?

  2. You try to get away from boston for spring break, and I am coming to boston for my spring break. How is the weather going to be? Sorry you cant go to the beach.

  3. I have observed that people’s behavior when they are drunk doesn’t change nearly as much as people think. Being “drunk” just gives them cover in case someone calls them out about what they are doing later on. Obviously, there are people who do things when they are drunk that they wouldn’t otherwise. But, I have know both men and women who for lake of a better word “faked” being drunk just so they could get wild and crazy.

  4. How do you feel about double penetration? Would you ever try it? How about facials?

  5. Hey, just commenting to let you know that I think your blog is rad. I’m adding it to my google reader !

  6. oh how right you are about threesomes. Guys just freak out at the site of an erect cock, especially if they are only a few inches from it…and guys think they are the worlds greatest studs and always want a mff instead of a mfm…..we have the same problem finding guys who are ok with doing her while I participate so I just dont mind if she gets some strage cock on the side.

  7. Recently started reading and just finished with the archives, very good reading. I’ve got to agree, threesomes are harder to get started than one would think (sigh)

  8. Still waiting for any sort of threesome…
    It’s funny how guys will talk about mfm alot (usually referred so eloquently as a spitroast) but wimp out when push comes to shove…sucks for me 😦

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