Posted by: bosteen | March 8, 2008

Some More

When I last left you, I was fucking Teacher X on the floor. Teacher X and I had sex one more time before he had to go. However, two times was like giving a man dying of thirst a shot glass of water. After he left, I got a shower, ate and relaxed. I was feeling good but the earlier events only got me wanting more. I went through my head of people to call. I thought of my football player friend. It had been a while since I had his thick cock in me. He said he would be right over when I called him. I didn’t do anything special for him. I wore the shorts and wife beater I put on after my shower.

He showed up at my door about a half hour later. I answered the door and gave him a big hug. I turned and walked away after the hug. I made sure to wiggle my ass enough so he would watch. He grabbed me by the couch and gave my ass a good smack. He was feeling playful too. the biggest sign was when he bent me over the couch and took off my shorts. He rubbed my ass then spanked it. He slipped two fingers between my legs only to discover my wet pussy. Those fingers went in my mouth so I could taste myself. I was done with this teasing, I wanted his dick.

I stood up from my bent over position and walked toward my bedroom. He followed me so I took off my shirt and threw it at him. I stopped and turned to face him with my naked body. I helped him undressed then pushed him to the bed. When he got comfortable, I straddled him to give him some kisses. I could feel his cock rubbing up against me as I did this. The time was up, I needed his cock in a bad way. I reached back and lowered myself on to him. I went slow so I could feel every bit of it. I put my hands on both sides of his head when I was all the way on him. My tits hung in his face as I rode his cock. His hands were first on my hips but moved to my tits so he could play with them. He was pinching, sucking, and licking them. The feeling of his cock and him playing with my tits drove me over the edge. I cummed so hard and continued to ride his cock. I could tell he was about to cum so I went faster on his cock. He was starting to get really vocal as I did this. He yelled fuck just as he cummed, I rode him until he started to get soft.

I climbed off of him and was going to lay next to him. However I wanted to taste his dick with both of our cum. I was loving the taste of his dick and he was loving that I was licking it. He quickly got hard again. We fucked one more time that night and fell asleep. I woke the next morning to a naked man next to me with a hard cock. I was torn at this point. I wanted his cock but I didn’t have time. I had to get going to my first class. I reasoned it out that a blow job wouldn’t take long so I could make it to my first class. However, it ended up with us fucking again. I missed my first class and almost late to my second. Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. holy blogger blue balls batman

  2. Dang, leave us hanging… πŸ™‚

  3. Did football player know someone else had been there before him? Did his completive streak come out and that make him very “enthusiastic”? Or was he a bit subdued?

  4. lol, i thought about.

    “i answered the door and gave him a big hug” <= so thats all? just a big hug? whats then? “bye”? πŸ˜‰ i’m waitin for more πŸ˜‰

  5. such a tease, you know we want more!

  6. Next time, schedule your first class closer to noon..LOL

  7. Wow, amazing! I’ve always wondered about some of the hot girls who are missing class. Thanks for making my lecture daydreaming one hot step farther from dreamworld. Dang it’ll be hard next time in lecture to pay attention when that girl is gone.

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