Posted by: bosteen | March 5, 2008

Finger in the dam

As usual, yesterday was my day off.  I basically was trying to do anything to avoid thinking about sex until Teacher X came over.  My pussy was so wet in anticipation.  I had to give up on panties part way through the day because they would just have one big wet spot on them.  As the time approached for him to get to my place, its usually the same time every Tuesday, I got ready for him.  My version of getting ready is me naked with just heels.  I sat down to wait those couple minutes for him, it was hard to keep my hands to myself.  One hand would often go between my legs to stroke my pussy.

I answered the door and his jaw dropped at the sight of me in my heels.  I didn’t give him much chance to get in the door before I was on him.  Our lips were locked and my hands were at his pants.  I just wanted them off and his cock out of his pants.  He was feeling the same way because his cock was rock hard.  I got his pants off and stroked his cock while we kissed.  I lost balance and feel over as he was getting closer to me.  There I was on the floor laughing, he laughed as he gave me his hand to get me up.  I didn’t want any of it.  I pulled him to the floor with me.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and his cock entered me.  I don’t have the words to explain how absolutely great it felt with his cock in me.  I had a loud moan when he first went in me.  It was louder than usual but it felt so good.  He picked up speed and went deeper in me with every thrust.  I could feel his balls hit up against me and the sound of our bodies.   My body would move with every thrust of his cock.  My back was getting rug burned but I didn’t care at all about it.  We were both building to orgasm.  Mine came much faster than his.  Those two weeks without a dick were all made up in that one moment.  I could tell he was ready to blow his load.  I squeezed my legs around him to force him to cum deep inside me.  I don’t know what felt better, the first time his cock entered me or feeling his cum fill my pussy.   It was so fucking unbelievable.

I am sorry I have to cut this short but I need to go to work.  There will be more later.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. yessssss!

    Hell I’ve been waiting to wank to the first story after the drought. Many thanks…whew time to clean up.

  2. Whore Post >>> Attention Whore Post

    Welcome back to the game.

  3. I am glad to hear that you are fully recovered. I bet that Teacher X was really glad to see you. I know I would have if I was in his situation.

    Do you have any classes on Tuesday our is it completely a day off?

  4. Instant gratification! Some times you just have to take the hit right where it falls;-)

  5. nakid and just heels???

    amazing…. i’m suprised you havent caused any heart attacks in any of your adventures haha

  6. Yes certainly amazing.

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