Posted by: bosteen | March 3, 2008

I should have

Wow! I have to say my readers surprise me. I wasn’t telling everyone to send me a message but thank you all for those that did. You know how to make a girl feel loved. I should of asked for a couple dollars. However, I would never do that, it isn’t me.  I will respond to all your messages, it may take some time to get to some so I hope you can bear with me.  I have learned some interesting things.  There are quite a few of you that read at work.  I am curious as to how you handle any after effects of reading.  Do you have to run to the bathroom? Shut the office door?  I am learning that I have some female readers.  This is a surprise to me.  I thought my audience was a purely male thing.  I have to admit there were times I thought about giving up the blog for various reasons.  I do want to thank you all for giving me a little extra drive to keep writing.  Hopefully I will maintain the standard you expect.  On a plus note, I am feeling so much better.  The cough has pretty much died away.  Its a good thing I have tomorrow off.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Oh I would be so sad if you gave up the blog… it allways brightens my day!

    -female reader 😉

  2. good to hear you are feeling better, now get back out there and get those heads turning and jaws dropping!

  3. don’t give up the blog. keep all of us intrigued, horny and ready to fuck. I’m enjoying every word.

  4. So glad you are feeling better. Please know that your writing is appreciated! I am enjoying living your adventures vicariously. It is fun to read the thoughts from your point of view.


  5. Glad you are feeling better. I NEVER blog from work. They keep a record of every web site that anyone ever visits. And they review it frequently just to see if they find anything amusing. I prefer to keep my private live and professional life separate; especially since the people in that department are obnoxious.

  6. hey, it’s been a long time since i commented but yeahh i’m a female n i’m loving ur indulges the voyeur in it sometimes helps me de-stress (kinda like a romance novel w/o the romance)..haha so thx for tt..and luv the way you handle those guys like toys.. oh i dun read it during work but in uni lib..hah!n sometimes it needs skill to conceal what i’m reading. but lucky for me i’m a female, so i just get wet and hot. no biggie..glad u r well now

  7. You can’t give up the blog! You provide so much optimism to those of us with a boring sex life!

  8. I’m a female reader too. I just found you like 3 days ago. I went all the way back to your first post and I’m making my way to the present. I’m addicted. Love your blog!

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