Posted by: bosteen | February 24, 2008

Bad Blogger

Yes I have been a bad blogger.  The fates have conspired against me writing any new posts.  This past week midterms were coming up.  I hate tests with a passion, give me weekly quizzes and I am good.  Combine that with work and then this weekend I started to get this flu thing going around.  I slept through the majority of the day.  I figured I should give you an update before I revert to my Nyquil provided mini coma to stop the coughing and get sleep.  I promise to get back to this tomorrow or Tuesday.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Hey beautiful 🙂 Sorry to hear that you’ve got this damn cold. I’ve had it and it’s not fun. If you need someone to come give you some TLC, look me up. I’ll cook for you 🙂



  2. Nyquil makes everything better! 🙂 Hope you start feeling better soon.

  3. awww it’s fine slutX as long as we know your alive well hope you get well soon 🙂

  4. Thanks…my wrist needed a break

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