Posted by: bosteen | February 19, 2008


1. Which one turns you on more Ink or piercing? Why?  I am not a big fan of tats.  I think people go overboard with them.  Piercings are ok.  They really don’t look good on guys though.  It sounds sexist but I’m allowed to be sexist.
2. What ink do you have? If none, what would you get and and where?  I don’t have any tats nor do I have plans to get any.  The only way I could see myself getting one is if I had a child or someone significant to my life die.   Tramp stamps are bad, bad bad.  I may be a slut but I don’t want to look like a whore.
3. What piercing do you have? If none, what would you get and and where?  You will have to come see me to find out if I have any.
4. Any other adornments you like to do for your lover or have then do for you?  The best adornment for my lover is me on them.  How narcissistic does that sound?
5. Of all of the above is there anything that is an immediate Turn-Off?  The guy with all the tattoos.  Lip and eyebrow piercings.

Bonus (as in optional): If money/work place rules/your life/whatever what ALL would you do to your body in the name of sexual or just general adornment?  I like the way I am and wouldn’t change anything.


  1. i agree with you on the tat thing. i just don’t get the attraction people have to them. and i like your bonus answer. i wish more people felt that way about themselves.

  2. Damn I would have answsered nearly exactly the same al the way down. The last one especially.
    Lovethe new header pic too.

  3. I think tattoos have faded into the background of life multi-colored hair or multiple ear piercings. They are so ubiquitous that unless they are very striking, I don’t consciously notice if people have them or not. So I think that you are right on the money about being happy the way you are and not changing anything.

  4. LOL. I guess you and are both sluts, but we don’t have much in common when it comes to tattoos and piercings. I have one tattoo. A dragon tramp stamp custom designed. I love it, and everyone that has seen it tells me it’s awesome. I got it to symbolize how much I’ve changed and some other personal milestones. Two years ago, I never would have dreamed of it.

    As for piercings on guys… Well, I’m seriously attracted to sucking on the nipples of a guy that are pierced. It’ yummy!

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