Posted by: bosteen | February 14, 2008

Federal pound me in the ass prison

Happy rape men in the ass day.  I am not the type of girl that wants the flowers, candy and card.  Most companies want you to believe that you need to do this.  I always found it funny that the price of roses quadruple in prices for a week in the middle of the winter.  The media feed the mindless women, I am not one of them, that their mate should be buying them stuff this day.  If you haven’t shown the woman that you love her throughout the year, one day will not make up for it.  Somehow the ditz women out there think it does.  Men do it because it is giving them a 99% chance of getting pussy.  The 1% is for those women on their womanly time of the month.

You are going to ask what do I like on this day.  The perfect day is staying in doors.  We can have a nice dinner and dessert (that is me).  My plans for this fine day are to go to the airport in about 2 hours to get business traveler.  I am not sure if I will go.  I might call and tell him I will meet him at the hotel.  This gives me a chance to put on something sexy and an overcoat.  I can show up at his door and let him unwrap his present.  These are always tough decisions.  I hope your ass isn’t too sore from handing out the cash for all the gifts for your girls.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. OK that is the best title ever for a blog post!

  2. Cant wait to see what happens!

    I think VD is the best time to sit on your ass and watch a movie, like Office Space! XD

  3. Giving women candy and flowers on Valentine’s Day is similar to giving them an engagement ring. It’s something for all of the other women in the office to ooh and ahh over and remark way a great guy you are. If you we someplace by yourselves, it probably wouldn’t make any difference; but it’s nice when others notice how thoughtful that your SO is. Everyone always stops and admires what you received.

  4. A sore ass is not such a bad thing when it’s from your girlfriend doing the humping. 🙂

  5. Right on, sister! Always amazed at how all my male coworkers just KNOW they’re gonna be in trouble if they don’t come home with flowers on VD. My man gets no pressure on that bullshit from me.

  6. I always use VD as an excuse to buy my girl fantasy outfits for the bedroom.. This yr she was Nurse Joy.. I got to take it off:) But flowers? Nah..

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