Posted by: bosteen | February 12, 2008

Van Halen

How should I start this? My weekend was a drunken blur. I wasn’t drunk all weekend, but I was partying every night and slept in every morning. Overall, it was a great weekend and it was what I needed to jump start the mental health to a good place. I went to my first ever basketball game this weekend. A friend of mine called me Sunday morning to tell me that he had an extra seat to the Celtics game. The game was entertaining but I wouldn’t pay to go to another one. Basketball just isn’t my thing. However, this isn’t the sort of things you want to hear.

I was out shopping on Saturday afternoon. While I was shopping, my cell phone rings. I knew who it was before I picked up. Certain people have distinct rings on my phone. This person has a old hair band song for their ring. The song is Hot for Teacher. I told him where I was and asked how he was doing. His answer was extremely short and to the point, very horny. He asked if I ate lunch yet and I told him yes. He asked me how long I was going to be out. I was looking for some new skirts so it was going to be a while. I invited him to join me on my search because I could use a man’s opinion. I didn’t really need a man’s opinion but it is a fun way to tease the hell out of a man.

He met up with me about a half hour later. We headed to a store to look at some skirts. I had about five in my hands when I went in the dressing room to see if they fit. I walked out each time to show him the skirt and to get his opinion.  I purposely started with the longer skirts and went to the shorter ones.  I would really tease as I got to the shorter skirts.  I would bend over a little bit and ask if it is too short or could he see my panties.  After the 3 skirt, I could tell I was getting to him because there was some noticeable wood in his pants.  What he didn’t know was after the first skirt, I wasn’t wearing any panties.  He didn’t find this out until the last one.  He knew because when I bent over anyone looking could tell.  I could tell he noticed because he let a little moan out of his mouth.  It wasn’t loud but I heard it.  He walked up to me after I left the dressing room with the skirts I was going to purchase.  I took the opportunity to put something in the pocket of his pants.  He checked his pocket to find my panties in them.

We left the store and headed to another, I needed some shirts to go with my skirts.  Along the way to the next store, we walked past one of our favorite places.  I said to him “I need to use the rest room”  followed by a wink.  He walked back to the rest room first with me about five feet behind.  He entered the men’s room and coughed.  This was my sign that it was clear for me to enter.  We went to the handicapped stall and locked the door.  He showed how horny he was because he grabbed the bottom of the skirt I was wearing and pulled it up.  I was pushed chest first against the wall.  My pussy was already wet but before he rammed his cock inside me, he checked.  His fingers went between my legs and over my lips.  He pulled them away then put them in my mouth so I could taste my pussy.  I felt his cock enter me.  It went in deep and fast.  He was going like it was a race to see how fast he could get off.  I really didn’t mind because it felt good.  It was a quickie, about five minutes, but a good five minutes.  Public places are one of my favorites.  For some reason, I really get off on it.  He finished inside me then gave me back my panties to wear.  We went back to shopping.  I smelled like sex and didn’t mind it at all.  I could feel the wet spot on my panties from his cum and enjoyed it.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. No, we don’t want to hear that basketball isn’t your thing! I am devastated.

    We all don’t worship the Lakers and basketball like you Mr. Fletcher.

  2. As you were shopping, did anyone notice that you smelled like sex? During the winter, we go to the gym to workout after our morning session and no one we met along the way ever seems to notice. (I’m talking abut before we start sweating) Sometimes, I wonder how observant people are.

  3. Wow! That sounds like such a hot encounter! My only claim to fame was that my partner and I were discovered (and tossed) for messing around in our college library.

  4. very hot you are such a confirmed slut to fuck someone in the Men’s room. It must have been really great sex to get away with that. i bet you left a puddle on the floor

  5. Very hot. I think I need a minute alone.

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