Posted by: bosteen | February 7, 2008


You don’t know true happiness until you sit in a room watching the Super Bowl with a bunch of Patriot fans in Boston, then to watch them lose the game they are supposed to win. This will sound cruel but seeing the happiness going to utter disappointment is so much fun. After the way the Patriots ran up the score on so many this year, it was a deserving end to their season.

My happiness wasn’t only caused by the Patriots losing. I mentioned a couple weeks ago about a football guy that I took home with me. He was also at this party and I made sure to flirt with him. After the game, people were pretty much commiserating the loss of the game. I got close to my guy and asked if he wanted to come back to my place. It was to make him feel better about the loss. A smile formed on his face then he said yes. We got a cab back to my place shortly after I asked him. The cab ride home was very fun. There was a lot of kissing and a hands on experience. He paid for the cab ride while I went up to the door to unlock it and go inside. I waited inside for him and he was more than ready to go because he lifted me up against the wall inside the door to the building. I wrapped my legs around him. He carried me like that do my door. I had to get down so that I could get inside my apartment.

I ran back to my room, just to make him run after me. I started to strip off my clothes when I got to my room. When he got in the room, my shirt was off and my pants were half way down. I let gravity do the rest of the work of removing my pants and used my hands on his pants. His cock was already hard and straining against is boxer briefs as I pushed his jeans off. He took off his shirt while I was on his jeans. We were both naked and ready to go when he pushed me on my back. He did a porn move by grabbing my ankles and spreading my legs. He held my legs open and began to mercilessly fuck me. It hurt a little but the pleasure out did the little bit of hurt by a lot. I could feel his balls hit up against my ass which drove me insane because it was so hot. All I could really think about is the cum that filled them and how much I wanted it. He kept up a steady pace of fucking my pussy. I could feel the orgasm growing in me but I wouldn’t reach it. He was ready to have his before I got mine. I told him to pull out and cum on me. He didn’t hesitate at my request. He pulled out his cock, removed the condom and began to jerk over me. He must of only jerked it four or five times before his seed shot out of his cock. It was a strong burst because cum shot up to my chin down to my navel. I cleaned some of it up with a finger. I put the finger in my mouth and let the taste of his cum spread on my tongue. I was sure to get mine before he left. We fucked again, this time doggy and I had an amazing orgasm. Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I still need some cheering up after watching that Superbowl too – and Maine’s not that far away. I’m a gentleman who believes that a woman should get her’s (orgasm) first. I would lick, nibble, and suck you to that ends before I take the plunge.

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