Posted by: bosteen | January 30, 2008

Teacher’s Desires

Teacher X and me had a conversation over the weekend. It was about what he thought of me in high school when I would flirt with him or flash him with my skirt and no panties. If you can imagine what I did to Calc Prof but over a year and a half, then you would understand what I did to Teacher X. The whole idea of the conversation was to get to the thoughts or fantasies that he had of me back in the day. He told me that he always wanted to give me detention so he could keep me after school or he would hope that I would come to his room at the end of the day as everyone was leaving with a question for him.

Today is my day to myself.  This semester it is a little different because I have a class in the morning but otherwise the day is mine to do whatever.  It is also the day that Teacher X usually comes over after his work and before his wife gets home from work.  I got to thinking after my class that I would help Teacher with his fantasy.  I searched my closet after I got home for my old school uniform.  I ironed it and prepared it like I was still going to school.  The waiting for the time of his arrival was killing me.  My pussy was wet most of the afternoon in anticipation.  It was about fifteen minutes before he was to arrive that I started to get ready.  I buttoned up my shirt leaving the first couple buttons undone.  I didn’t wear a bra and it was obvious from the nipples prominently sticking out through the material.  I was putting on my skirt as the door bell rang.  I asked who it was and he replied.  I told him to come in.  The door opened and shut.  I told him to relax I had to finish something.  I had to finish putting on my skirt and grab some other props.

I knocked on the door between my bedroom and the living room.  He said a very confused sounding “Yes”.  I walked in the room with my uniform, a back pack and holding a notebook in my hand.  I said to him, “Mr. XXXXXX, I was confused with something you went over today in class.”  I walked closer to him.  He didn’t miss a thing because  he was quick to reply, “What exactly didn’t you understand?”  I was right next to him, I leaned over with my notebook, my tits hung right in his eye level.  His eyes were glued to the cleavage I was showing him.  He looked up at my eyes and stated, “Miss Xxxxxx, you know that you should be wearing a bra to school.  It is against the rules in the student handbook.  I’m afraid you will have to be punished for this.”  At this, I tried to talk my way out of trouble to which he would stand firm.  He told me to put my hands on his desk, which was my table for our playing, and I did so quickly.  I pleaded how sorry I was to him.  He wasn’t listening, he spanked me with his hand.  I let out some very noticeable noises of pleasure.

He was really getting into the role playing at this point because next he asked me, “I know you broke the rules by wearing no bra, you know there is a rule that you must wear underwear.  Do you have panties on?”  I replied, “Yes, I do Mr. Xxxxx.”  He quickly told me he didn’t believe me because of the bra issue and he was going to check.    I tried to tell him he didn’t have to check and that I was lying to him.  He said with a stern voice, “You lied to me and broke another school rule.  You will have to be punished again.”  I felt my skirt lift up this time and felt his hand spank my bare skin.  The distinct crack of smacking on my bare ass was so hot.  I squealed with pleasure to this.  He inquired if I enjoyed my punishment.  I lied again and told him no.  He didn’t believe me.  He said, “You keep lying to me.  I will have to make your punishment more severe.”  I continued to tell him how sorry I was and I wouldn’t do it again.  It was too late in his opinion and I needed to be taught a lesson.

He told me to lean over his desk.  I did so because I didn’t want to get in more trouble.  I heard him unzip his pants.  I turned my head to look at what he was doing.  He forcefully told me, “Turn your head around!  You are being punished.”  I felt him start to enter my pussy.  I remember hearing him say something like “this is what bad girls that don’t follow the rules get”  in a low voice.  I kept my eyes forward like he ordered me the whole time.  He would move his hands from my waist to my pony tail while he fucked my wet hole.  I was so turned on by the situation, I orgasmed in the first five minutes of him fucking me.  When he was ready to finish, he asked me, “Where does my bad girl want her teachers punishment?”  I answered, “Inside me, sir.”  Being a complete tease, “Then you won’t get it there.  You have been bad and won’t get it the way you want.”  He pulled out and jerked his cock so that it shot his cum all over my ass.  I could feel the warm cum run down my ass.  He did something unexpected, he spanked my ass one more time in his cum.  This time there was a sting to his smack, it was great.  He let me off his “desk”.  I turned around and grabbed his hand.  I started to lick it clean when he asked what I was doing.  I told him I was cleaning up the mess like a good girl should do.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Hmmm, he’s a little too strict. In the case of that last punishment, I would have had to give you what you wanted, I think.

    Very nice role play, though.


  2. Class was definately in session.
    Who was the teacher though that seems to be the real question.

  3. Do you have a semi-regular schedule for other guys or just Mr X?

    He is the only one because of the issues that are already known.

  4. Naughty schoolgirl…sounds like you got just what you deserved.

  5. very hott… I just found this blog about a 2-3 weeks ago read a post or two and got confused about who everyone was so I went back and started reading though them all took me so long b/c I don’t think I could handle to much in one night lol 😉 but I love it I’m definitely going to be a regular reader

  6. SO HOT… love that you cleaned up the mess! I wonder though… if his cock in your pussy is the punishment, then how would he reward GOOD behavior? mmmmmm…

  7. that was an erectiion maker

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