Posted by: bosteen | January 27, 2008

For my fans

I decided to do something nice for my readers. I get asked multiple times a week about pictures and past header images. I figured I would put a stop to these requests so I started a page for you. I will post some of my past header images, the ones I remember, on the page as I remember them. I tried to do a couple tonight but it will only let me post one picture for a page and one post a day. You will have to wait. As a side note, the background image for the page was a past header image. Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. very cool. checked it out… you speak japanese? watashi mo šŸ˜‰

    I don’t know if everyone can see the blog yet, I have tried it without being logged in to yahoo. I will see what I can to fix it. As for the languages, My dad was stationed in Italy and Japan and I picked up some of the language. I am far from an expert so don’t flood me with language. Arigato gozaimasu.

  2. I didnt even knew yahoo had a social network… I guess you’r using them so you dont have to make another facebook profile, huh? šŸ˜‰
    hmm you got me thinking to create a 360 profile..

  3. I wish you tell which one was you!

    Can you explain that a little more. What do you mean? The new header or the yahoo thing.

  4. Oh I just meant like this header, I’m new here so I haven’t seen any pics except the last header pic. Since I went to Yahoo and checked you out a little I see (or guess) that in this header pic you are on the right in the wite.
    I just wondered which one you were in the header.

    You guessed right.

  5. Thanks for the pics. In my minds eye you were more of a dirty blonde…(no pun intended). I look forward to seeing more…

  6. Based on comments you’ve made in passing about your gorgeous rack, and the way that men are drawn to it like Cub Scouts to candy, I kind of guessed that you were the one on the right.


  7. By capitalizing Boston and College, particulary the latter, in your Yahoo page, does it mean you’re an Eagle?

  8. like the pics, it wouldn’t let me comment there so i figured I’d do it here
    smokin hot
    great pics


    I think you have to have a 360 page to comment on them.

  9. You have a really great body and I love reading about you slutting all about town. The fact that you are a self admitted slut is a wonderful thing. The fact that you are a slut is wonderful and the fact that your a hot sexy girl is even better. Happy slutting

  10. I figured BC )avoer BU) – is is a Cathilic *thing*

    All my best slut GFs have been Catholic rebels, esxcept for the one at BYU, who was a Mormon redheaded rebel who, at 19, would cum 5Xs before I could cum my first ; )

    Fine photos, girl. Revel on, little rebel Golden Eagle!

  11. Im gonna go ahead and give you a 10/10 for the boobs. Nicely done. šŸ™‚

  12. I’m not sure that I’ve seen it here but I like the picture of you in the bathroom in front of the mirror that you use for your 360 profile.

  13. Whoever said you were chunky in the white bikini pic must have been dropped on their head as a child……….Youre smoking hot! DAMN!

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