Posted by: bosteen | January 26, 2008

A first

I had a sexual first a couple weeks ago. A friend invited me over to his house for a party. He is a friend I’ve fucked in the past but it was always at my house. I was never at his place. I gave him a “definitely” when he asked. I had to work that day and got to the party a little latter than I would usually get to them. When I arrived, there were plenty of people there, most were already more than a little drunk. I found him in the kitchen and gave him a hug. He gave me a drink and told me to catch up to everyone else. He didn’t really need to tell me twice because I was ready for alcohol after the boss was bitchy most of the day at work.

With a beer in my hand, he showed me around his place. I noticed some good looking men and women at the party as he showed me around. The last part of his tour was his bedroom. It was clean which is more than I can say about my room, it has clothes thrown about it. I noticed there was a hole in his closet door. A thought came to mind but I wasn’t really sure if it was what I thought or just an accident. Curiosity got the best of me so I asked him, “Is that a glory hole?” He laughed at my question, I felt embarrassed because I thought I was wrong and just made a total ass out of myself. He finally told me it was a glory hole. (As some background, he knows how wild I can be. I had a threesome with him and another guy at one point.) He followed up by asking me if I had ever done one. I admitted that I never saw one with exception to some porn things but I was curious about them. He told me that by the end of the party, there is usually someone in there doing things. This peaked my interest, so I opened the door to the closet. It was a small walk in. A person in there would have room and wouldn’t get claustrophobic. The seed was planted in the back of my head.

I went back out to the party. It was a blast, I did a couple body shots, a funnel along with my other drinks. It was all about living it up. I did a body shot off one girl that was so freaking hot. I ended up kissing her for about ten minutes with a bunch of guys watching. The girl and I had a real attraction going on between us. We were pretty much drunk and horny. I suggested to her that we go back to the closet. I am not sure if she was really willing or just drunk enough to do it but she went back to the closet with me. On the way back to the room, I told my friend someone was going to be at the glory hole. The girl, let’s call her Tina, and I went back to the room and waited. We didn’t mind waiting so much because we were kissing and feeling each other up. I heard someone say loud, “the hole is now in operation.” I figured this was my friends way of telling anyone interested that I was in there, I don’t think he knew Tina was in there with me.

The first dick appeared shortly after the announcement. I wrapped my hands around it and began to stroke. While I did that, I flicked my tongue over the head. I would pause to suck on the head and give it kisses. I could tell the guy was about to blow after a couple minutes so I put my lips around it and took him in my mouth. He blew a medium size load in my mouth which tasted wonderful on my tongue. He pulled out his cock. I turned to Tina and gave her a deep kiss so she could get a taste of the cum I just swallowed. Another dick appeared in the hole. This time she wanted it. I was so horny, I didn’t really care what she was doing at the time. I took the opportunity to play with her a little. I pulled up her shirt and played with her nipples as she sucked off the second cock. She finished the second cock and kissed me like I did for her. A third cock came through the hole. I started to play with it like I did the first. This cock was a little eager to go and blew his load all over my shirt. This pissed me off a little so I took off my shirt so I didn’t have cum stains all over it. My new friend Tina took this a different way. Since the guy that came through the hole was a quick shooter, I took the next one. This guy had some staying power. Tina took this opportunity to play with my tits. She took it further than I did with her. Her hands went down to my pants. She unbuttoned the fly of my jeans and her fingers went into my pussy. It was all too much for me with a cock in my mouth and fingers in my pussy. I had a powerful orgasm that soaked my panties and left a little wet spot on my jeans. Tina and I stayed in the closet for about a half hour. Guys weren’t coming to the door so we walked out to a cheer from some people. Tina and I exchanged numbers and have seen each other since. Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Sounds like a good time. Been around a glory hole before myself, the other side of course.

  2. What a hot story! You’re a very sexy woman!

  3. Wish I were there!

  4. A glory hole and finger fucked by a stranger? Yep, you are definitely a slut.

  5. Wow…. I’d love to go to a party with you šŸ˜‰

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