Posted by: bosteen | January 14, 2008

Snow and School

I hate the snow.  It looks nice but I never was a cold weather person.  School begins this week.  There is something satisfying about a new semester.  I don’t know if it is the new classes filled with new people.  The possibility of a new hot guy to flirt and seduce.  Or, I could get a really hot professor that would bend a student over a desk and fuck her hard.  The spring semester is definitely better than the fall semester.  There is only one reason for this, spring break.  I am going to Florida this spring break.  I guess those are the reasons why I am looking forward to this semester.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. When we lived on Long Island we’d have our own kind of “Snow Days”.

    We’d turn the heat up, light the fireplace and spend the entire day/weekend with no clothes on. (heh, heh, heh…) We’d phone friends and if they could arrive before we got snowed in, so much the better. Fun!


  2. Not to mention the wearing of progressively less clothing, as the weather warms.

    Oops, you’re in Boston, that’s right. Oh well, May isn’t THAT far off, lol.


  3. Florida? ohhh I wish you would stop in Lauderdale!

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