Posted by: bosteen | January 8, 2008

Sad Then Happy

I am saddened at the lose of my skins. Realistically, I didn’t expect them to win but it is still sad.  Many have asked about the state of my resolution for the year.  I am here to report the resolution has been upheld thus far.  An example of me upholding the resolution comes from this weekend.  After my disappointment that was football.  I went to a friends house to watch the Steelers game.  He was there with a bunch of guys, they were drinking and watching football.  There was one guy in particular that caught my interest.  I never met him before but I knew who he was.  I strategically sat next to him so I could flirt with him.

I brought my A-game to the football party.  He was smiling and flirting back with me.  He put his hand on my upper thigh and grabbed my ass a couple times.  This continued through the game.  At the end of the game, he got up to leave and I had to think fast because I wanted some loving.  I made up an excuse that I should be going too because I had to work early in the morning.  It wasn’t a complete lie, I had to work just not early.  I asked him on the way out how he got to there.  He told me he drove.  I asked nicely if he could give me a ride home because I took a cab over.  He said yes with a big grin.  During the chatting while on the way home, I took the liberty to place my hand on his legs and move it up to his groin.  I was pleasantly surprised with my hand’s discovery. Saying that he was big is an understatement.  He had a thick cock, one of the thickest I’ve ever felt.

He pulled up to my place and I had to invite him inside.  It would be a crime to put what he had in his pants back on the road.  He followed me to the door, I could feel his eyes watching my ass the whole time.  I definitely didn’t mind.  He sat on the couch while I got us some drinks.  We started to talk at first but it really didn’t last long because of the sexual tension between us.  Shortly into talking, there was kissing, deep breathing and lots of groping between the two of us.  My hand made its way to undo his pants and get in his boxers.  I was stroking his cock and getting very wet at the same time.  By the time his hands made it to my panties, they were soaked.

Somehow my pants ended up coming off of me and I was straddling him him.  I wasn’t riding him, yet, it was more like making out with some dry humping.  My panties were still on but I could feel his cock moving on the lips of my pussy.  I was on the point of orgasm just from dry humping his cock.  I refused to waste an orgasm with dry humping, I guess it can’t really be dry considering how wet I was.  With a free hand, I reached down and pull my panties to the side.  I held on to his cock and slowly lowered myself onto it.  I have to admit he was thick enough that it hurt a little.  The hurt was very good.  It took a couple pumps on his cock to make me orgasm.  It was a wonderful wet orgasm.  I think there is still a wet spot on my couch from it.

I wasn’t going to stop for one orgasm.  I needed more, I wanted him to cum also.  I wanted to see the look in his eyes, as I rode him, when he cummed.  My pussy hurt a little but it was nothing next to the pure pleasure it was to ride his cock.  I was moaning, groaning, whatever you want to call it very loud.  I tried to look into his eyes while I fucked him on my couch.  There were times I had to lean my head back and let the situation absorb in my head.  During one of these moments, he found one of my biggest sexual turn ons.  He was grabbing my ass when he took one of his hands and gave my ass a hard slap.  The sound of me squealing with pleasure filled my living room along with the sound of the smack.  With this one move, I began to pick up the pace of riding him.  He would smack my ass unexpectedly now and then.  I could hear his breathing become rapid and he had his orgasm shortly after.  I continued to ride him a bit longer because I was close to another.  I achieved it before he went soft.

He did not leave after our fun on the couch.  We ended up in my room and fucked again before he left.  After he left, I wasn’t thinking about the Skins loosing.  I was reveling in the post three orgasm time I had with the guy at the party.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I think you had a better post game than Todd Collins did somehow. 🙂

  2. I love it when you tell us that you slutted it up with some hot guy you picked up. What did you do with all his cum……From what I’m reading you let him bareback you…..that’s hot

  3. Sometimes a bad day can turn into a fantastic day. I should know, I have those myself from time to time. But, I am curious like bdenied is, where all the cum went.

    Some things are better left to the imagination.

  4. I’m glad your not a pat’s fan. Very nice story.

  5. I liked the posting where she took a load of cum in her pussy then someone else came over and left another one. I wish she would go bareback and have her gfs play with the cum.

  6. Hehe, you make my heart smile! You get all the fun I wish I could have. 🙂

  7. You can come to my Super Bowl party any time. 😉

    BTW: Are you back in school or do you still have a few more days off?

  8. Love it! Great story! I’ve learned a lot from you…lol! Tried the no panty/skirt trick…worked out great!!!!!

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