Posted by: bosteen | December 30, 2007

The Traveler

I must apologize for not writing lately. It happens recently that I start to write a post and never end up finishing. A distraction comes or I must go to work. I am dedicating myself to finishing a couple of the posts this weekend. I should start with my business traveler. He arrived on Thursday evening and went home on Saturday morning. I didn’t get the chance to spend Friday night at the hotel because of work but we had fun while I was there. I did call in sick on Friday, so I had lots of time to have fun.

I took a nap and slept a little later than I wanted to the day he arrived. Instead of meeting him at the airport, I met him at his hotel. I chose to go with a short skirt with no panties, button up shirt and fuck me boots. Every girl needs fuck me boots. I gave him a call when I got to the lobby, he told me his room number so I went up to his room. I took my coat off in the elevator. My shirt was showing cleavage, I wanted him to get a good look at it when he opened the door. The guy in the elevator with me didn’t seem to mind either.  I strutted out of the elevator when the door opened, I wanted to give the guy in the elevator something to think about.  My pussy was wet just from the anticipation of fucking him as I knocked on the door.

He opened the door slowly.  I saw his head peak around the small opening.  His eyes sparkled a little as he saw my choice of clothes.  We exchanged greetings but not much more.  I have to admit I was looking at him like a fat kid on a diet looks at a dessert tray.  He was about to say something when I basically latched on to him and dragged him to the bed.  I kissed him deeply while pulling out his cock.  It felt amazing in my hand but knew it would feel much better inside me.  With his cock free, I pushed him down on the bed and mounted him.  My skirt was pulled up exposing my wet pussy to the air and light.  I saw him lick his lips and pushed myself down on his bare cock.  A moan came out as my pussy wrapped around his cock.  I held myself down on his cock for a moment before I moved my hips.  I wanted to feel the sensation for a moment.

I began to slide on his cock.  I must of been really turned on because I was more vocal than normal.  He was trying to unbutton my shirt as I rode him.  Finally I told him to rip it open and he did.  The buttons flew all over (I love doing that to a guy when he wears a button up shirt).  He pulled my tits out of my bra to play with my nipples.  My nipples were being pinched and rolled between his fingers.  This was an incredible turn on so I put my hands next to his head on the bed.  Now I was in a steady position so I started to ride him faster.  He took this as an opportunity to spank me.  His hands went down my back to my ass.  At first, he grabbed my ass hard helping me up and down on him.  One hand left my ass and came back with a hard smack.  I let out a squeal with this.  He took this as a good sign and would spank my ass while I fucked him.

I could feel his cock growing tighter in me.   I knew this was going to be a big orgasm, he knows all the right buttons to push on me.  It is what keeps me coming back.  I started to slow down a bit because I wanted him to cum inside me at the same time I was having my orgasm.  He told me not to slow down because he was going to blow so I picked up speed again.  It took a couple minutes but we both had our orgasm.  I started first and when he blew his load inside me, it quickly brought mine to and end.  I climbed off of him.  I fully removed my bra and laid down next to him.  We were like that for a couple minutes before we ended up fucking again.  We kept it up pretty much the rest of the time we had together.  Happy Humping!

Slut X

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