Posted by: bosteen | December 20, 2007

Where the hell have you been?

Today has given me the chance to do some much needed updating. I am finished with school until next semester, thank God. Now, I have to deal with asshole people doing shopping for Christmas. It was not easy to do yesterday, everyone was trying to fit that last minute shopping over their lunch. Just because you shop in a store, doesn’t mean you have to be snotty. I can be snotty right back to you and probably will be.

Santa did call me and we went out. He looks pretty but a very bad date. I can say that I won’t go out with him again. I didn’t even get to see what he hides under his Santa suit. He was so boring and bland that I didn’t want to find out. Some things are better left for fantasies. I should of learned that when I asked the hot peeping tom over.  My UPS guy delivered a package to my house.  I was tempted to invite him inside for a break.  I could of jumped him right there in the door.  I did do a lot of flirting with him.  He left with a smile even if I didn’t get him in my bed.  My business traveler guy is coming into town next week.  I really can’t wait, he is one of the best lovers.  He will get to see my Christmas costume.  Teacher X is the only other one to see that particular costume.  Judging from his response, it is a good one.  This is all that comes to mind at the moment.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. hi
    may i know how old are u?
    u’re really exciting sometimes

  2. She is in college, so of age. 😛

    I do look forward to you posting once again. I find myself coming back day after day, neglecting my own site, because I am interested to see if you have written something new.

  3. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas vacation with lots of time spent with the people that you care about. I’d wish you plenty of adventures too; but I’m sure that you’ll have plenty of those anyway.

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