Posted by: bosteen | December 7, 2007

What does Santa give bad girls?

I had a completely horny, evil thought today while going to work.  Close to my job, there is a really hot guy working as a Santa.  I was shocked to learn that it wasn’t some old retired guy sitting in the costume.  He was leaving after his shift with the rugrats so I said hello and smiled as I walked past.  I walk past the place when I go to work.  Each time I go by, I want to go and sit on his lap to get a picture taken.

My mind goes to an episode of Nip/Tuck.  There is this episode where the Santa goes into his little house for a break.  One of the elves joins him in his little house and gives him a blow job.  The image that goes in my head is I go to get my picture taken with Santa.  It is all innocent on my end.  I feel his package harden on my ass as the picture is taken.  He can’t go on taking pictures with kids on his lap having a hard-on.  Therefore, he goes back to his little house to sit down.  After my picture, I sneak around to the back and find a way inside.  I tell him I couldn’t help but notice his reaction to me sitting on his lap.  Then I offer to help him with his problem.  I proceed to get on my knees between his legs and suck his cock.

Now if you were Santa, would that put me on the naughty list?  What would I get for a present if I was on the naughty list?  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I don’t know about Christmas Day, but the naughty girls get the better gifts the other 364 days of the year.

  2. Hmmm . . . naughty and yet so nice. That’s a tough one. Bend down really far, and look under the tree . . . Santa will see if he can find something special for you, baby.


  3. you’d go right to the top of my Naughty Slut List…..

  4. Naught is good! Usually you get extra special presents. Are you dressing up as an elf at some of this year’s Christmas parties?

  5. You actually got your gift as nobody gets to do it to Santa the way you are thinking of doing to him.

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