Posted by: bosteen | November 27, 2007

Black Friday

I am not writing about anything I hate or dislike today. I wrote on Friday that “… I am going to get laid tonight to get rid of the horrible day”. One of my friends was having a party that night. My whole point in going to the party was to find a dick. I could of called one of my regular guys but I was looking for something new. I picked out something that accentuated my best assets and went to the party.

The party was pretty full. A lot of people from my high school days were back, home for Thanksgiving. In perfect honesty, I wasn’t paying attention to what people were saying because I was on the prowl. I had to work early so it was pretty much a hit and run situation. The first walk around the party was me making my list of possible toys. There weren’t many options of new meat. I wanted a strong sexy man, it was basically a one night stand so why not be a little picky.  There were five potential guys at the party.  I have seen two of them around but never really got around to talking.  The others were new or at least I don’t remember seeing them before.

A friend caught up to me after my walk around the party.  She wanted to know how things were going and all that pointless shit that no one really cares about.  Let’s face it, do you really care what the people you knew in high school do with their life.  I can think of one person I knew in high school that I will always have some contact.  We were talking when I feel this hand grab my ass.  I like having a random ass grab, but in my mood, I wanted to know who it was grabbing my ass because there was a potential hook up.   They could also save me from the conversation that was boring me to death.  I turned to see number 3 behind me.  He was close so it wasn’t obvious that it was him, but I made an assumption.

I excused myself from the girl that was trying to talk to me.  I turned to face number 3 and accused him of grabbing my ass.  It was in a playful manner but he didn’t need to know it.  He tried to deny doing it but I got him to confess.  I confessed to him that I liked it, this brought a broad grin to his face.  He said his name but I really didn’t care.  He was number 3 to me.  I mentioned to him that it wasn’t fair he grabbed my ass and I didn’t get to feel anything on him.  He looked at me weird.  I said it is only fair I get to grab something.  I got close to him, like I was going to whisper in his ear.  He leaned in to listen and I took the opportunity to put my hand on his cock and rub a little.  I whispered, “looks like you are a little excited to see me.”  Now that I had his full attention, I told him that I wanted fucked, no strings attached.  We could go in the bathroom right now and just fuck.  The look of astonishment was priceless.  He didn’t believe me, I could tell from the look on his face.

I took his hand and went to the bathroom.  There was someone using it so we stood outside.  It dawned on him at that time I wasn’t joking.  Of course my hand jerking him off through his pants probably helped.  The person left the bathroom so we went in and shut the door.  He was kissing me, I didn’t really want the kisses but it gave me the chance to undo his pants and put the condom on him.  I turned around lifting my skirt up.  It left my ass and thong showing.  He moved the thong to the side and entered me.  I put my hands up on the mirror to support myself while bent over.  He  had his hand on my waist. His cock was thrusting deep and hard into me.  I must of excited him a little.  My chest was bouncing with every thrust.  I was moaning and grunting. In between a couple of my noises, I told him to go harder.  He took this to heart because with one of his thrusts one of my tits popped out of my top.  One of his hands went up to my exposed tit and began to play with my nipple.  This drove me over the edge and my orgasm came very quickly.  He shot his load shortly after mine.

We got ourselves put back together and left the bathroom.  There were two hand prints left on the mirror so people would know what happened in the bathroom.  I left the party after I got my fuck, my mission was accomplished.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. You’re a woman who knows what she likes, I’ll have to say that. Reminds me of one of those sappy high school graduation speeches, in which one of the over-achiever kids would get up and remind everyone “to just be true to yourself,” lol.


  2. You are such a good little slut

  3. hmmm, perhaps its because Im the cuckold husband but I could never seem to run into wanton sluts like you at parties. damn…..youre one hot smokin girl…..

  4. Very, very, hot!!

  5. I have to agree with bdenied. I have never run into someone quite so open with her sexuality like you. Ah well…It is encouraging to see that when you want something, you take it, simple as that.

  6. the girl sitting next to me appreciates your candor as well as some of the comments. me thinks you have converted her.

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