Posted by: bosteen | November 17, 2007


There is something completely satisfying about a nooner.  It makes a good day a great day and it completely turns around a horrible day.  The best kind of nooner is on a bad day in my opinion.  They are the best because then it is usually a good hard fuck where all the frustration and negative energy are used to reach orgasm.  Most of the time, there are marks left from nails or something on each other.

My Wednesday was one of those bad days.  It was one of those days where all the little stupid things add up and make life difficult.  I ran into Dan before lunch, you should remember Dan from my lunches last semester.  I walked up to him and asked him what he was doing for lunch then gave him a wink.  He said he had a class but would be willing to skip it.  A big smile appeared on my face and we agreed on a meeting place.  We met on time and went out to his car.  The drive to the building was very short.  My hand could be found on his crotch manipulating his cock the whole way there.  The feeling of his cock growing hard in my hand was great.

We arrived at our spot.  He adjusted his car seat back and undid his pants.  He pulled down his pants to expose his cock.  I covered his cock with a condom then got ready.  It wasn’t hard for me to get ready, I was already wet and I only had to pull up my skirt.  I moved over to his seat to straddle him.  Lowering myself onto his cock, I let a moan escape my mouth.  I was leaned over him because cars really don’t have much head room for riding a guy.  He was holding onto my hips as I rode his cock.  I wasn’t messing around or being a cock tease.  I needed to get off so I rode him fast and hard.  The windows fogged up quite a bit and I imagine the car was shaking a bit.  We didn’t care, all I wanted was and orgasm.  Half way through his hands went to my tits.  He massaged them over my shirt.  It helped me with my orgasm.  I will orgasm much quicker if someone is playing with my nipples while I fuck them. We both ended up having our orgasms a couple seconds apart, it doesn’t happen often.

I climbed off of him after we finished.  We adjusted everything and wiped off the windows.  He was hungry so we left to go get something to eat.  I made sure to wave to the security camera on the building as we left.  My day seemed to go much better after my lunch time break.  It could of been a better day or it could be that I had an orgasm so I didn’t care.  Either way, I had a great lunch.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I wish I was in college again. You can skip class occasionally without any repercussions; but if you don’t show up at work, you get fired. Plus, if you work downtown like I do, it’s harder to arrange nooners.

  2. I remember the good ol’ days of skipping class to fuck. Things like that always did seem to make the rest of the day go better …

  3. Just love the way you so openly slut it up. Very sexy fuck you had in a very hot setting.

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