Posted by: bosteen | November 14, 2007

Day off

I love my Tuesdays off. I get to sleep in and do all the lewd things that come to my mind. I am not a morning person so when I get the chance to sleep in I will always take it. My morning was rudely started by a phone call asking me if I wanted to pick up some extra hours. I didn’t want to so I lied telling them I had some school things to do. After hanging up, I turned to the person in bed with me, he was still asleep. He was there because I needed a late night booty call. I am a firm believer of waking a guy up with a blow job. It is a great way to start the day for both of us.

We were both naked because there wasn’t much energy left to dress after a good long fuck.   I pulled the covers partly off him to expose his cock.  Morning wood is a good thing for waking a guy up with a blow job, there isn’t a lot of work to get them hard and when they do wake up they are in your mouth.  I took my hands, one to play with his balls and the other to hold onto his shaft.  I started to lick is cock to get it wet and get that last bit of hardness to it.  His eyes opened just as I took him inside my mouth.  With my hand at the base of his cock, I worked on his cock slowly moving up and down on him.

Unfortunately, my fun was cut short because he wanted to be a quick shooter.  It is extremely disappointing when you get a minute man.  I did get his cum though, but it ruined my desires for after.  I grabbed my robe and went out to make coffee.  He wanted to do more but my heart wasn’t in it.  He ended up getting a cup of coffee then leaving.  I went to the shower and resorted to masturbating to get myself off in the morning.  I did get off a lot.  I took a toy in the shower with me.  My two orgasms were good enough to sustain me until that afternoon when an old friend came to see me, more on that tomorrow.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. how do I add u as a friend so I can revisit your blog to read up?

    You have me lost on that question. do you mean add me as a bookmark? I think everyone knows how to do that.

  2. Being woken up with a blow job is one of my longest held requests, but sadly no-one has ever taken me up on the deal. No idea why; I must have asked 4 women and 1 man over the years. I guess they are not as eager to please as you!! 🙂

  3. well at least you got off. What is it with guys? We just can’t resist a warm hot mouth that seems so eager to have us cum. Maybe your just too good.!!!

  4. wow, i’d fuck the shit out of that ass, my virgin dick is really horny and i catch myself jacking off too much, i wish i had an ass like that to fuck

  5. And people say the education system is failing; such vibrant words from so obviously a mature ‘anonymous’ individual. Then again, I believe in free speech, so if music is the food of love, play on…..

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