Posted by: bosteen | November 13, 2007


1. Have you ever met a fellow blogger in person?  I have met a fellow blogger.  I am best friends with a blogger and she is the one that got me started blogging.  It isn’t a secret that me and Big Bad Wolfe are friends and graduated high school together.  I haven’t met anyone else that is a blogger.  I could be talked into a little blogger “convention” with the right person(s).
2. Did you ever play an innocent game of “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”? How old where you?  There is no such thing as an innocent game at least not with me.  I have a sibling that is close in age so I had seen boy parts when I was a very little girl.  I did start playing the game when I was older with guys.  It wouldn’t be classified as innocent though.
3. When did you get your first not so innocent kiss? 12, it was with a boy named James.  We were watching a movie in a dark room with some other people.  They were sitting on the floor, James and myself were on the couch.
3a.If your partners are no longer of the opposite sex, when did you get that first kiss?  I have kissed girls in the past and will in the future.  My first girl-girl kiss would also be at 12.  I was at a sleep over and the girls name was Taylor.  I love that truth or dare game.
4. Have you ever awoke with someone who’s name you did not remember?  I never woke up with someone I didn’t know their name.  I have awakened in the situation where I wasn’t sure how I got there, not knowing where my panties were.  I am not sure which is worse. 
5. Have you ever let someone else wash you while you were perfectly capable of doing it yourself?  I do love my showers with other people.  It gives me the chance of getting off in the shower without doing it myself.  I am a complete shower freak.  Water isn’t the best lubricant, but it is so fucking fun.  The people in the south with water shortages should definitely take advantage of showering together. 😉

Bonus (as in optional): What makes a great first date for you?  Tangible chemistry between me and the other person.  If there is no chemistry, it is kind of a pointless date.  I shouldn’t say pointless because it could be a good time.  However, chemistry makes a date fun and exciting.


  1. Totally agree on the bonus answer!

    Happy TMI!

  2. Happy TMI. Great bonus answer correction!

  3. Genius idea about showering together in the water shortage areas. Win win.

    Happy TMI

    Its all that lemons to lemonade thing.

  4. Happy belated TMI.
    After reading the shower exploits of you and others I’m seriously beginning to think I need to get me some of that action.

  5. My wife and I take a shower together at least twice a week. In fact, a shower big enough for two was a firm requirement when we were looking for a new home a few years ago.

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