Posted by: bosteen | November 10, 2007

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You gave me more questions than answers.  As far as the sexual status of the guy, I really don’t think he is bisexual.  He would of given off some sort of sign.  If he did give off a sign, I didn’t notice.  I wasn’t really turned on or off.  I was more taken aback by the action.  Guys have gone down on me after sex but that seems different to me.  This being said, I have never seen a guy go and lick just his cum up.  Most of the guys I know are afraid to taste cum, like it would make them instantly gay.  I should of asked but didn’t think I should.  Maybe I will ask the next time I see him.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. That does raise some questions. But really, does the consumption of male cum make a man gay? I don’t think so. I have happily gone down on my lovers after I cum in them and licked and sucked them to orgasm. And should I cum on them, I play with it, rub it in their skin and even lick it up. Certainly if a girl takes my cum in her mouth I kiss her and share whats left.
    It’s my own cum. If you can or should taste it, why shouldn’t I?
    I’ve found that women find this stuff pretty damn sexy anyway. It’s a confidence thing I should think.

  2. well why do you eat cum? If its beacuse you like it….then you have your answer…..

  3. That sounds so sexy. Kudos for not being freaked out.

  4. Yeah, that would probably be a freaky thing to see happen out of the clear blue sky. I would think that as long as he doesn’t mind doing it, what’s the real issue? Just enjoy him while you have him!

  5. I have never heard of a guy licking his own cum up. With that said, in a few of the examples spoken about, it appears that this has occurred in relationships, not in a booty call where the guy and gal really didnt know each other. In your situation, I think its odd because you dont know each other at all – I would think this eating cum off of the woman’s stomach is something that is reserved for a realtionship that has been going on for awhile becuase at least to me, it is eye-opening for a one-night stand type of deal.

  6. One of the reasons I think men are so reluctant is that doing so would make people wonder how you acquired the taste for it which I think may be the root of your question. I’ve always been an “inside guy”. I know it’s not the safest but that’s always been preferred by myself and the girls that I have gone out with.

  7. I’ve heard of porn where they cooked up a cum omelette from a bunch of guys jizz and then fed it to the girl…


  8. Again, I’m a late comer, but I must chime in. If I were concerned about anything, I’d be suspicious of some of your other conquests who have knowingly gone down on you while you were carrying someone else’s fresh load. And the one’s that didn’t know, I would find it hard to believe they didn’t immediately detect the difference in taste between your sweet nectar and contribution of your earlier lover. Seems a lot more normal to me to lick up your own, that you expect your gf to swallow, than to consume someone else’seven from such a sweet honey pot. Secondly, I think a lot of guys when very sexually amped up can be led into about anything, such as the female in a mfm, either daring them to suck each other with her as the prize or just leading them into a little mm action.

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