Posted by: bosteen | November 9, 2007


I had a first time experience the other day.  I said my adventures on Tuesday would be next but it is super long so it is taking a while.  On Tuesday, I did end up fucking the guy from the costume party, the guy firefighter.  It was pretty standard sex, nothing out of the ordinary.  Last night, I called him for a booty call and this is where the weirdness happened.

I called him on my way home from work.  I told him something like I had a fun time at the party and wished to continue what we started.  He asked me when I wanted to meet.  I told him I would be home in five minutes and as soon as he could get there.  When I got home, I stripped off my clothes and grabbed a quick shower.  It was about five minutes after I got out of the shower that he knocked on my door.  I answered the door wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.  He had one of the biggest smiles on his face when I pulled the door open.  I gave him a hug making sure I press close to him.  His arms went around me and grabbed my ass.  I led him to my bedroom where I let go of his hand and took off my t-shirt.  Our hands were all over each other while we undressed each other.

He was standing naked before me, his cock standing at attention.  I grabbed a condom on my night stand and put it on him.  He laid down on my bed and I climbed on top of him.  Easing myself down on his thick cock, I could feel my lips wrap around him.  I rode him slow at first until my pussy grew wetter.  He was playing with my chest, playing with my nipples.  I closed my eyes and rode him.  Moans and other noise were coming out of my mouth.  I was getting tired of riding him, I got off of him to get on all fours.  He got up behind me.  His hands went to my hips and his cock went into my pussy.  It wasn’t long until he was pounding my pussy hard.  I took a hand so I could rub my clit while he fucked my hole.  I could feel the pleasure growing more and more in my pussy.  I knew an orgasm was coming.  It came much faster than I thought it would because it just came over me.  I let out a loud groan.  He fucked me through my orgasm.  He was thrusting faster in me.  I could tell he was wanting to cum soon.  My tits were bouncing as he went deep in me.  It felt amazing.  I wanted him to cum on me, between grunts from his thrusts I told him.  He pulled out of me and pushed me over so my stomach was exposed.  He removed his condom and jerked his load onto my stomach.

After he cummed, we collapsed on my bed.  Nothing was weird up to this point.  A minute or two passed then he starts to move.  I thought he was just getting more comfortable but I was wrong.  He was moving down to my stomach.  His tongue came out of his mouth and he started to lick up his own cum.  This is the first time I have ever seen a guy lick up their load and caught me completely by surprise.  Have any of you, my readers, ever done this?  If you have, please tell me the reason why you do this.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I’ve done it; I suppose because it was less messy. I quite enjoy the taste too….

    Did it freak you out?

  2. No, but I have eaten my wife out after a cream pie. I have to be in the right mood, and it’s just a turn on I guess. I would do it every time if she asked me to, but I think it’s always a worry about if it’s clean enough, etc for her so she doesn’t always like me to do it. Actually I hear that about a lot of women and oral sex, at anytime.

    So was the surprise a good one? Did his clean up turn you on at all?

  3. Well, you *did* say his cum tasted wonderful on Halloween nite, right?

  4. I think the question is how did feel about this? was that a turn on? I’ve never nor will I ever do this but I’m curious to know what you feel about it.

  5. I have done that before, but usually because the girl mentioned it or asked me. There is something different about licking it directly off the body as opposed to going down on a girl after cumming inside her. I routinely go down on girls after cumming inside them, but licking cum directly off the body seems a bit more taboo.

    I guess someone with a cum fetish can disguise it somewhat while going down on you by saying, “it isn’t a big deal, I can’t taste it, I want you to get off again.”

    Whereas, when it comes to licking it off the body, there is only one intent, to eat cum.

    Maybe this was his not so subtle way of telling you he is bisexual or open to more experimentation. I know for me, when I sleep with a girl and if I cum inside her or she takes my load in her mouth, I make sure to try to go down on her quickly or kiss her immediately when she comes up to send her the message quickly that I have a bit of a cum fetish. Unfortunately, the reactions and responses haven’t been overly positive since I have been so forward about it.

    Here was my response to Miss Wolfe’s post this summer about bisexuality in men. I believe she originally posted about your friend Tom.

    The post is long, but telling, so I copied it from my post to her question.

    “I totally agree with your comments are bisexuality and homosexuality.

    After being the straight-laced upper class prep for my entire life, 5 years ago I started a relationship with an openly bisexual female.

    A lot of guys thought she was hotter strictly because she was openly bisexual. We engaged in many threesomes and played with other couples frequently while in college. Over time, she talked me into doing things that I would have never imagined.

    I wasn’t anti-homosexuality as far as legislation, but I had no attraction at all to males before I dated her. She was just much more liberal and open than I was at the time. The first time she went down on me, she snowballed me. I didn’t know what to do because I REALLY enjoyed it. With her help and I guess a desire to push the limits of my sexuality and our sexual relationship, it wasn’t long before I was eating creampies or any cum I shot on her body. It was odd because I had never given it any consideration in 20 years of living and because she snowballed me that one time, I suddenly realized there was nothing wrong with it and, in her case, she actually enjoyed seeing me do it.

    Around six months into our relationship, we were hooking up with a couple that we regularly had sex with and she snowballed me after he had blown a load in her mouth. It was different than tasting mine, but I shockingly enjoyed it! She kept talking about that repeatedly and said it made her so hot. I was scared at first to admit I enjoyed it because only six months earlier I was the prep-school republican.

    For the next several months, she would occasionally ask my thoughts on bisexuality and I would tell her I enjoyed her being bisexual. Finally she told me that Justin (the male in the couple) was bisexual and it was a fantasy of hers for us to suck him off together. I reacted really oddly when she mentioned it and we almost broke up. In fact, we didn’t have sex with another male for roughly another 8 months.

    We broke the drought with our favorite couple. I was strict with my stance at first, we all did our regular thing and were sitting around the house naked while having some wine. For some reason, I asked Justin how long he had been bisexual. Ten minutes later, I was on my knees next to my girlfriend of a little over a year with my tongue about to meet the head of Justin’s cock. I circled the head to get a taste and feel and quickly produced a lot of spit to go farther down the shaft (I love sloppy, dripping wet blowjobs!). Not more than 3 minutes of my really aggressive, but passionate licking of his cock and he exploded in my mouth for his second pop of the night. What a shock, the first time I ever felt the thick spurt across the flat part of my tongue and I couldn’t even believe what I had done.

    Over the next year, I continued to suck Justin and most of our other male participants (a few were only there for my girlfriend). I found myself craving a cock in my mouth and the feel of the spurt.

    About another year down the road, I finally took the big plunge and allowed Justin to penetrate me while I was having sex. To this day, I don’t know if there is any better feeling than being sucked or fucking a girl when you are getting railed from behind. The feeing is overwhelming.

    I eventually broke up with the girlfriend. I have never fucked a guy myself, but I have sucked and been fucked. Since we have broken up, I find myself constantly conflicted because I don’t want to consider myself homosexual or bisexual. I have dated or hooked up 8 or 10 girls over the past two years and all have ended miserably because I want to snowball or eat the creampie after cumming.

    Most of the girls said it was gross and we never spoke again. Two actually said it was hot, but later admitted they thought it was too weird to be with a guy that had a desire to share or eat his own cum . All of them immediately asked if I was gay or bisexual. I am so conflicted because I am not attracted to males in a physical sense. I am purely attracted to females, but situationally, I am definitely open to playing with males. Women seem to think that my cum play desire is so taboo and wrong, but they don’t even know the side of me that has had the sexual fun in group sex with other males. I don’t know what to do at this point. I think society is so quick to judge and cast stones that I am afraid to admit I am situationally bisexual. Hell, I am even afraid to move in for a quick snowball or to lick it off a girl after I cum.

    I also read your friend’s blog and read about Tom. I think it is great that you two seem to be so open minded toward the idea. It truly is a lot of fun so long as the parties are safe, honest, and straight forward. Please continue to support it. I have a few close girl friends that know about my past with other couples and they constantly try to categorize my sexuality (so frustrating!)

    I am glad you posed the idea and that I have noticed you all’s response and acceptance with Tom. Sorry it this was too long, but I figured I could get it off my head with some people that might understand or be in a similar situation.

    Keep up the good work with your stories, support of Tom, and liberal beliefs regarding sexuality.”

  6. what ever floats your boat.
    no my thing. but this reminds of the guy “snowball”from the movie Clerks.

    SO you never said was it a turn on or a turn off? or neither?

  7. the short and simple is that he wants you to know he accepts cum, is not afraid of cum and hopes you wont be either. Yes, I have done this, I have eaten creampies and eaten it off of her too..some girls find it very hot when we do this, some freak out most are nuetral and a few ask for it to be done…i would if I were you and Im not, just accept that you found one very open dude who gave you a great cum, and helps you enjoy being the Hot Slut you are, and I mean that as a compliment not a put down…..

  8. Wow. Have you ever seen “the doom generation?” there was a guy in that movie that liked to do that. I guess its the same as when I go down on my bf after sex… I don’t think of it as particularly a turn on but it doesn’t bother me… I’d be a lil freaked though too. Though if he was confident I’d go with it.

  9. why didn’t you ask him directly why he did it?

  10. I can’t say that I’ve thought of tasting my own load. I’m in just too much fear of the kind of taste it would have. Then again, I was able to find a spot in my stomach for sushi in the past 4 years, so anything in my life’s possible 😉

  11. Well, I have to ask you, have you ever masturbated, and tasted your own wetness on your fingers? Has a lover ever fingered you and offered you their wet finger that you subsequently licked clean? Have you ever sucked a hard cock or thick dildo after its been deep in your pussy, savoring the sweet tangy taste of yourself as you did?

    I think its the same kind of thing… So erotic, so taboo, so hot. I think he was demonstrating that he’s not affraid of his own cum, as a matter of fact, he kind of likes it.

    I think you should allow him to freely express his sexuality, whatever that may be.

  12. I swallow my own cum every time I masturbate. I have a very dirty fantasy of watching a lover fuck another man and then going down on her to lick his cum out of her pussy.

  13. It could be an issue of quality control, where he’s showing you that he tastes just right, not too bitter, not too sweet. You know, kinda like the three bears and the porridge test. He sounds like a real sweetheart of a guy. 😉

    We’ll have to make an illustrated novel about your adventures. It’ll be big!

  14. I generally stay away from my own “dead soldiers” unless they are in the way when I’m going down on my wife; and by then they’re long dead and presumably not as “flavorful”. I don’t think what he did is in any way of indicative one way or the other of being gay. Personally, when I’m with a woman, I like to enjoy the things that can only be done with a woman.

  15. Yes i have and also had him give some to me on his tongue from there

  16. I don’t have a problem with it and would do it if Jen asked. Jen has snowballed me after a BJ on several occasions.

    What is weird is in the eye of the beholder. Jen thought it was weird and Kinky at first, but now it is just one of the things we can do when we are in the mood.

  17. My first experience with a woman and me eating my cum, was after titty fucking she was rubbing my cum around on her breast and put some on her finger and had me lick it off. My dick hardened again almost immediately, every since I do what ever makes me happy. Sometimes that may mean I slide my tongue around her asshole, other times it means I lick my cum up. I have never been with a man in a situation to determine that I am not bisexual, I do believe that men have the ability to be in the sex mode and do what feels good without worry of why.

  18. I love to kiss with cum all over our faces. lick it off her titties and spit it in her mouth.

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