Posted by: bosteen | November 7, 2007

Free Time

I got a chance to write between classes here while eating. If I had more time I would tell you about my day off yesterday but not near enough time. I will write about it later today. Let’s just say it was filled with action. My last class was so boring, I was pretending to take notes while chatting to someone about sex, cum and other things. By far, it was the best class today. Anyhow, I have another class and then work. After work, I will dedicate myself to writing about Tuesday. Happy Humping!

Slut X

A little addition here, I am sitting in my history class and not really paying attention.  I want to touch myself so bad.  God, I need to get a grip.


  1. Were you chatting with miss wolfe?

  2. I would have to say, talking about sex is more interesting than sitting in a class! I certainly agree and can’t wait to hear what bad things you did!


  4. well then you will just have to touch yourself

  5. you need to put up an amazon wish list, so one of us can by you that wireless vibrator, lol.


    What kind of range do those wireless vibrators have? Wouldn’t it be cool if i could hook it up to a button on my blog that would make it buzz. Where are the geeks when you need them?

  6. I take it that you don’t have any good teachers this semester.

    Here’s something to do if you’re bored. If you’ve got more than a handful of people in class then someone (other than you) must have had sex not too long before class started. Look around the room and try to figure out who.

  7. As a history lover, I’m glad to read that you were moved to touch yourself in that class.

    Mmmmmm . . . would you talk dirty to me about the Monroe Doctrine or the Wilmot Proviso if we were together? Oh god, The Nullification Crisis . . . that’s it, baby . . . just like that . . .



  8. I agree with City Boy, and would add a twist, which works for me in any totally boring but crowded place.

    Pick out someone who YOU would do, and imagine what they’d be like . . . how would they react to you asking them to fuck . . . what would their body look like . . . would they make a lot of noise, or odd faces, during an orgasm, or just quietly move to your thrusting . . . do they look like a missionary person, a doggie person, a rider, or maybe something else . . .

    Helps to pass the time, lol.


  9. Looking forward to the post about Tuesday

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