Posted by: bosteen | November 4, 2007

Freaking time change

I hate the fucking time change or more accurately that I forgot to change my clocks before my post party sleep.  I set my alarm clock so I would get up early for work but now I am extra early.  I can’t really go back to bed for another hour, there is no way I would get back up.  Anyhow, the blog needed updating.

The past two days have pretty much been the same.  I go to work, go home, get ready for a night out, get back late, and go to bed.  Then, I wake up early to start all over.  I am not complaining because they were some great parties.  There were quite a few hot guys to flirt and rub up against.  They get hard, I hope they act on their urges but few do.  I haven’t been in a fucking mood lately.  It isn’t because I am not horny.  I have just been more into blow jobs lately.  The thirst for cum has taken over.  More later if I don’t collapse after work.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Isn’t it weird how we go through sexual cycles? I guess it is to be expected given the nature of life, but I too have been thirsting for cock and cum a lot more than pussy.

    I am sure I will be back to pussy in no time, but pussy and cock wouldn’t be a bad transition either.

    Thanks for your great posts!

  2. I hate the time change too. I don’t sleep well for the week or two afterward. I keep waking up thinking I am late for work then realizing that we just switched back to standard time and I still should be sleeping.

  3. Don’t get that thirst too much, at least not if you’re not getting enough proper sex to burn off the excess sugar, that stuff is fattening you know.

  4. Some one should have reminded you about the time change

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