Posted by: bosteen | November 2, 2007

After school special

When I was coming home today from work, I got a voice mail from Teacher X. He said he was missing me and that he would be over after he was done teaching. I don’t mind that he left the voice mail because it has been a while since I was with him. I took a shower when I got home and put on my robe. I wasted time before he came over, I was pretty wet and excited. The door rang, I went to answer the door with my robe open so he could see that I wasn’t wearing panties or bra.

He smiled when I opened the door. I pulled him in the door by his shirt and kicked the door close. His hands pulled the flaps of my robes open and massaged my chest. I gave him a deep kiss then pulled away. I pushed him up against the wall and began to unbutton his shirt. Moving down to his pants, I got on my knees. His cock was hard pressing outward on his boxer shorts. I pulled his cock free and put the tip in my mouth. I took his cock deep in my mouth then pulled it out. My tongue flicked the head of his member. I put his cock in my mouth again, this time bobbing up and down on it. I took my free hand to free his balls and play with them. I worked his cock until he blew in my mouth.

After the blow job by the door, we went into my bedroom. He took my robe off of me and ran his hands all over my body. It made me squirm but felt so good. He started to go down on me. He was circling my clit with his finger while teasing my lips with his tongue. I honestly just needed him to fuck me. I yelled at him, “Fuck me now!” He must of been eager because after I said it, he stopped his actions. He flipped me over on my stomach. He slapped my ass hard, it was so hard that when he left later I could still see the hand print in the mirror. He lifted my hips. I was there on my knees, ass in the air, and face basically in a pillow. He thrust his cock in me. A moan came out of my mouth. His hands on my hips as he thrust hard and deep in me. It felt so unbelievable. Loud moans and grunts coming out of my mouth as he fucked me. At some point, I started to move my hips back so he would go in even harder. I could feel his balls hit up against me and hear the sound of our bodies hitting together. His thrusts became faster, I knew he was going to cum soon. He went harder and faster. He let out a groan as his balls emptied inside me. He pumped inside me a couple more times to get the last spurts of cum inside me.

He laid down next to me after he finished. We laid there to recover for about ten minutes. He was getting hard again so I rode him one last time before he had to go home to his wife. I walked around my apartment with two loads of cum in me and loved it. Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. hey

  2. A verry nice and hot Story!
    greats from Germany

  3. Naughty, yet so good. Hot story!

  4. I would love to lick that cum out! Such a sexy girl!

  5. Seriously, I’ll fly you to London so I can fuck you and get a taste of this hot body all these guys are enjoying… 😉

  6. I don’t recall if you mentioned it before; but I was curious if have you ever seen/met Teacher X’s wife. You sure have a lot of fun with him at her expense.

  7. Can I just come over and fuk ya??????seriously?

  8. oh me, oh my. love it.

  9. Very hot!!! You’ll make a great Hotwife someday! 😉 You sound like mine when she was in school.
    Have fun!

  10. Bella storia! Davvero!!! Anzi, non una storia ma un’avventura… sai forse anche io ti dovrò raccontare qualcosa… te lo racconterò in privato su yahoo messenger… Ciao!!!

    For the non Italian speakers (pardon but my italian is a little rough):
    Beautiful story indeed! It isn’t only a story but an adventure. (this is where my italian gets bad) perhaps i can tell you a story about myself, a private message in yahoo.

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