Posted by: bosteen | October 25, 2007


My birthday has passed and my teenage years are gone.  If I was a guy, I would be worried because I would be on the downhill side of my sexual  prime.  This makes me think.  If my sexual prime isn’t until I am in my thirties, what the hell will I be like then.  I have to say “Watch out men”  when I get to that point.  Maybe by then I will be more of a cougar than leaning more toward the older men.

I want to address some common misconceptions you all have.  I have lived in Boston since I was 16.  Before then, I lived all over the place.  I am a military brat.  This being said, I do not have a Boston accent.  I don’t give a shit about the Boston Red Sox or baseball for that matter.  I hate the Patriots, I am a Redskins fan.  I do not go to Harvard.  My only real attachment to Boston is I graduated from high school here and I goto college here.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Happy (belated) birthday! Here’s to many more, and I hope you had yourself a fun last night of being a teenager.

  2. Happy birthday. I hope you got “special dispensation” from Business Traveler

  3. That ‘prime’ stuff is a myth. The only truth is that guys physical ‘prime’ gets better with age while a girl’s goes downhill–starting around age 24. Why do you think so many older guys want younger girls?

    That is misogynist bull shit. The facts are that a guy want something they can’t have or shouldn’t have. It is the same thing with women wanting the bad boy or the older men when they are younger.

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