Posted by: bosteen | October 25, 2007

Football fandom

We established earlier that I am a Skins fan.  The Skins and the cheaters play this weekend, the cheaters are home.  Someone already offered me a ticket and I declined.  I declined because for my birthday present my dad got me tickets for the game.  The big question is what to I wear to the game.  I will end up with my jersey but I really want to paint my chest and go.  The problem there is they would never, ever let me in the stadium that way.  It is unfair.  Some fat guy with man boobs can do it but I can’t.  I would be much better to look at than him.  Life is unfair.  Look for me on the tube.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. You can paint your chest and then we can post it on Tits for Troops.

    Not the same.

  2. Surely there must be a Halloween party on Saturday night that you can paint yourself and go to.

  3. The Patriots are going to destroy the ‘Skins. Sorry. But you can still fuck everyone on Gameday.

  4. “The problem there is they would never, ever let me in the stadium that way. It is unfair. Some fat guy with man boobs can do it but I can’t.”

    I say that’s a good idea. Man-boobs and football (aka carryball since the ball and the foot are rarely touching during the game) are a long-held American tradition since the War of 1812 and has no place for women since the inception of cheerleaders into the game. 😉

    Afterall, if women were devious enough to paint their chests first, wear a top into the game, and then then pull their tops off after they were in, who’d be watching the cheerleaders?

    You’re tramping on the last true domains of men and sacred ground here Slut, punishable by a hard spanking.

  5. I am also a huge fan, have been since childhood. If you are ever in town, we have season tickets in the lower level and I’d love to treat you to a game.
    Go Skins!

  6. Next time become a bikini girl like those at the Packers-Giants game…but you need to wait until it’s -25. If Skins play in Gb stop by our tailgate and “donate”your bra to show your support. we welcome opposition fans.Read about us in first paragraph in the Brett Favre Man Sportsman of the year in SI.

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