Posted by: bosteen | October 23, 2007


1. What are your 7 favorite tactile things that turn you on? Sex (like oral, or penetrative) cannot be an answer. (Examples: silk, light tickling, etc).  Cold  polished metal, silk (pretty much everyone loves the feel of silk), feather being run on my skin, feeling of a drop of water running down my skin, the slippery feeling when you get clothes detergent on your fingers, (I am running out of things or just can’t think of them)…
2. What are your non-genital errogenous zones and what do you like done to them?  I am not going to give away my secrets.  Those are for someone to find while we are playing.
3. What sounds get you sexually charged?  The sound of a shower.  99% of the time I masturbate in my morning shower.  I guess the sound is like a signal to my pussy that an orgasm is coming.
4. After losing your virginity, what is the longest you’ve gone without penetrative sex?  I would say 3 weeks to a month.
5. What is your least favorite sexual position? Why don’t you like it?  Riding with most guys.  I don’t like it because most guys are lazy when the woman is riding them.  They just lay there, how awful is that.  Guys, you bitch at us when we just lay there, take this to heart when a girl is riding you.

Bonus (as in optional):If you could sexually dominate or submit to 5 people – any 5, currently living or deceased – which 5 would it be?  Bill Clinton, because he has so much charisma.  Gandhi, he was a womanizer so he has to be good.  JFK, I am just curious.  Marilyn Monroe, because she will always be a sex symbol.  Hitler, he always look so uptight, I think he just needed to get laid.

Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I love your Bonus!!! But you always have awesome answers… HTMI!!!xoxo

  2. I have a female friend who works at a hotel that Clinton once stayed at. She spent a better part of a day as part of his entourage. She told me that just by being next to him, she could see why Clinton could have any woman he wanted.

  3. My favorite word is SLUT. My favorite kind of women are SLUTS…There is nothing about the word I do not like and nothing about a truly sexual totaly SLUTTY woman that is not absolutely hot. Perhaps you will some day graduate from SLUT, to HOT WIFE,CUCKOLDRESS

    Why not Slutty wife?

  4. #5 – Amen! Preach it sista! This should be broadcast to mankind generally.

    Excellent answers – Happy TMI!

  5. I love your bonus answer, awesome. Great #5 too. Happy TMI!

  6. I love you bonus answer lol espicially the last, honestly had me LOL! Happy TMI!

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