Posted by: bosteen | October 18, 2007


I am excited for this afternoon.  A friend of mine is coming into town.  I have known him for a little over a year.  He found me online, before the blog, and sent me a message.  He is in his 30’s and travels all over for business.  I see him about every 4 months.  He is a sweet guy, good looking and a great fuck.  For the next two nights, I will be spending the nights in his hotel room.  Hopefully, humping like rabbits.  This is always a great thing.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Sounds like fun. Can’t wait to hear the details.

  2. And the Red Sox are on tonight, too . . . lucky bastard!!!!!


  3. “Sweet guy”? Hmmmm!

    Does that mean he’s still working on his Bahston accent? Here’s some help.
    b’zah = odd
    flahwiz = roses, posies, etc.
    Hahwahya? = How are you?
    khakis = what we staht the cah with
    pissa = superb
    retahded = silly
    shuah = of course
    wikkid = extremely
    yiz = you (plural)

    I like either the Nine Zero (and Spire) or the XV Beacon for Beantown stays.

  4. Have fun. Hopefully it will be a very memorable weekend. See you on the other side.

  5. Lol @ A+, but you forgot a few . . .

    hawt = attractive or desireable
    hawtee = attractive or desireable woman
    haahd = a pleasurable response for a man, upon seeing a “hawtee”
    hawny = male feelings of attraction for the “hawtee”
    wikkid hawny = a higher level of male attraction, once the “hawtee” expresses similar feelings
    packee = a convenience store that sells beer and wine
    pahk = finding a secluded spot to park your vehicle, following the purchase of your alcoholic beverages, and successfully enticing the “hawtee” to join you for the evening
    makin’ owt = the activity that follows “pahkin,” during which time you get much better aquainted with the “hawtee”
    wikkid hung ova = feelings of lethargy, headache, and slight nausea, following a long night of “pahkin'” and “makin’ owt”


  6. Just wanted to say England are in the final of the Rugby World Cup tonight. I know it probably doesn’t mean much to you, but hey, it does it me!

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